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Hey goalies! Coach Dana here from AdvantEDGE Goaltending and today I am bringing you another at home goalie workout (grab my first one here!).

I hope that you are all staying safe and taking care of your mental health in these crazy times! Working out is a great way to boost your mood and feel a sense of accomplishment — the off season came early so let’s make the most of it! 

The only gear you need is your stick and gloves for our quick feet patterns (this helps us to maintain good hand positioning and core control) and anything around your house that you can use for six small obstacles. 

As goalies we often find ourselves relying on both endurance (think holding your stance/holding on a post — the long burn) and explosive power (quick lateral movements) during any given sequence in a game. These movements use different energy paths and different muscles. Think about doing a sprint vs jogging for a distance or statically holding a weight above your head vs doing a powerful press. It’s easy to see how one person could train specific muscles and pathways to be the best sprinter but maybe isn’t efficient at steady state cardio and vice versa. So, as goalies we need to train both systems and this workout format does just that.


As always, warm-up with light dynamic movements prior to static holds and cool down afterwards. Here’s a warmup you can do:



You can use your gloves and stick and only need some pucks, shoes, and whatever you have to put on the ground for your pattern movements.

Complete two rounds with 90 seconds of rest between sets. As always warm-up prior with light dynamic movements prior to static holds and cool down afterwards.

  1. Shuffles x 6 each way (gloves/stick optional)
  2. Wall sit x 1 minute (take breaks if needed, use weight if available)
  3. Shoulder taps x 20 each way
  4. Plank x 1 minute (take breaks if needed. Stop the clock if you come out of your plank and pick it back up when you get into plank again)
  5. Shuffle shuffle lateral jump x 3 each way (gloves/stick optional)
  6. Alternating Superman planks x 10 each way (controlled movement, note which side feels more stable)
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