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Alyaa Nuval Othman


Alyaa Nuval Othman

I grew up playing hockey in Malaysia and played for my country’s first national women’s team in 2016. Even then, I still felt like something was missing - there was so much more to learn! I knew that going overseas would be the only way I could learn the kind of hockey with beautiful plays and patterns. I studied really hard and got a full scholarship to the university of my choice - the University of Wisconsin-Madison. While studying actuarial science, I played and watched a tonne of hockey. I especially learned a lot from playing with the Madison Freeze D1 team in the Women’s Central Hockey League, attending stick and pucks and open hockey and going to almost every badger women’s hockey game. I improved so much especially in terms of my game sense and confidence thanks to the wonderful people who taught me the tricks of the trade. Now, I have graduated and am back in Malaysia, playing for my country, this time with a renewed love for hockey thanks to my experiences as a badger!

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