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Hi all! Coach Dana here with AdvantEDGE Goaltending! I wanted to share a workout with all of the goalies out there who are looking for ways to stay in shape and maintain goalie form during this quarantine for #WHLCommunityAtHome.

This is NOT the time to get bitter, negative, lazy, and give up — this IS the time to put in work, practice a positive mindset, and learn true gratitude for everything that we take for granted on the daily. Let’s get after it!

Here is a simple in-home goalie workout that is sure to get the sweat dripping and your legs burning! Follow AdvantEDGE Goaltending on Instagram and Facebook for more exercises and workouts, and as always, message or email me with any questions! I am here to help 🙂

Equipment needed

  • Knee pads
  • Gloves
  • Stick
  • 5 pucks
  • A ball


Always do a proper warm-up prior to any exercise. I recommend a controlled dynamic warmup such as this quick one shown prior to any static stretching to get the blood flowing and avoid muscle pulls as much as possible.
If your muscles are not warmed up properly than they will be shortened while doing your static stretches which are typically 30 second holds and this is ineffective (not to mention potentially dangerous).



4 rounds with minimal rest in between
10 x each exercise (5 per side)

1. 5 puck shuffle

2. 5 puck one foot hop

(1-2 seconds — use outside leg)


3. Skate jumps/shuffles in and out, forward and backwards


4. Alternating knee recovery with lateral jump and shuffle back


5. Alternating split leg three way stance

6. 20 consecutive glove catches

7. 20 consecutive blocker taps

You can also check out the videos on Instagram:

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