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It’s so crazy, one night I was doing my homework and studying for an SAT that I had in two days, then I get a phone call… school was closed and SATs were cancelled. YAY! But what? Everything happened so fast.

Then the rinks started to cancel clinics, spring season was cancelled, every store is closed, and now no one is supposed to leave their house. School is now online, some students can’t graduate and some teams can’t go to states and nationals. It just happened in a split second.

This feeling isn’t the best. Everyone had to change their routines. We are locked inside going crazy. I’ve been living in my pyjamas (I ain’t complaining) but it’s a weird feeling. Yes I get it. But I’m actually liking it. Since my spring season was cancelled and tryouts are postponed to who knows when, I feel very lost in my hockey journey. This tryout is so important for me because it’s my last chance to be on a girls team. I really want to make this team, but how can I prepare if all the rinks are closed?

I’ve been working out, and when school was in session, yes I worked out, but not as much as I am now. I have so much time on my hands and I love it! I am working out every day and I feel myself feeling better mentally and physically. I go on four-mile runs, I am in my driveway playing hockey for about three hours each day learning new skills and sharpening old ones. I feel stronger. I’m not going insane being stuck in my house.

I didn’t want to feel stuck, so I chose to work through the worst scenarios and become stronger when I get out. And I feel that so many people could do that too. Instead of freaking out, just take a breath and ask yourself, “What can I do to make myself come out of this situation a fighter and not someone who just gives up?” We can do this. We can get past this rough patch. Keep your head up. We are in this together, the whole world is.

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