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Summer tips for adult rec hockey players


Summer provides plenty of ways to develop your skills to get ready for the upcoming hockey season. Whether you play the game year-round or take a break in the summer, here are some summer tips for adult rec hockey players.

When most people think of summer, they conjure up images of beaches, barbecues, and baseball. But did you know that the summer is the perfect time to get ready for your next season?

If you’re hockey-crazed like we are, the action is nonstop, 365 days a year. If that’s the case, summer hockey may be right for you. Summer hockey offers you the opportunity of meeting new teammates and making some new friends. The times are usually more agreeable and the pace is more relaxed. And best of all, the warmer weather allows you to hang out in the parking lot after your game and enjoy that refreshing post-game beverage.

But if you played a hard season and are looking for a chance to grab some R&R, summer is the perfect time. Maybe you’ve been putting off those nagging injuries that plague adult hockey players. Those rotator cuffs, groin pulls, sore knees—they don’t heal themselves! The sooner you make that appointment with your doctor, the sooner you can recuperate in time for the new season.

Otherwise, if you’re in decent enough health there are lots of things you can do to keep yourself in shape.

Take up a new sport

Many hockey players take up golf, as the sport works on many of the same muscles you use to shoot a puck. To maintain your heart health, bike riding is the perfect way to keep in cardio shape.

Take care of yourself

Importantly, as enjoyable as they are, those barbecues can really cause you to pack on the pounds. Hockey players have enough to carry around as it is, so by all means try to avoid that extra weight gain.

Hit the gym

If you’re a bit more serious, lifting weights is a great way to prepare for next season. It helps build muscle, which increases your strength and stamina. This article on “Weight Training for Hockey Players” details the best weight-training exercises for hockey players.

Off-ice skills

And don’t forget about your stick handling. Did you know you can work on that skill off the ice? All you need is a street hockey ball or puck and you can do it at home.

Hit the rink

Finally, if you can’t keep away from the ice but don’t want to commit to joining a summer league, you can always pop into your local rink for an open hockey session. It’s perfect for keeping those legs moving and your heart rate up. Can you think of a better way to cool off on a hot summer day?

Warren Tabachnick is the editor of—For the Adult Hockey & Youth Hockey Player.

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