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Pushing through when hockey gets tough


Lately, it has felt like one heck of a month. Junior year of high school has been a lot lately. Hockey has been stressful with trying to find teams for next season and summer camps to play at. Also, thinking about colleges and preparing for the SAT’S. The number one thing I’ve realized is to just do my best. Too much pressure isn’t good for you. Trying to balance everything at once is a lot, but we are getting through.

I’ve been training to do my best and be my best for what’s left of the season. Now more than ever I’ve been pushing hard and getting more puck possession during my games. But more puck possession means more threat of contact and getting checked.

Recently, at one of my games, I had the puck and was skating fast alongside the boards—I was on my way to a breakaway. I was getting excited and my adrenaline was pumping. Next thing I know, I am on the ice and my knee is in intense pain. I was down and couldn’t get up. I was worried that my knee was broken and everything I worked for was over. But, I got up, splashed some water on my face, and was ready to go out and play for my next shift. I was okay. Maybe I overreacted at first, but I got worried. What was I supposed to do?

This is a sport that I love. It makes me happy and it also makes me sad. I choose to play this sport, I choose it as my passion and my future, but what I didn’t choose was the fear and worry that every time I got a hold of the puck, the next second I’d be on the ice, in pain. I choose to play for the love of the sport. This is my sport, it’s made for anyone to play. It’s not just a “man’s sport” it’s a sport meant for all to enjoy. I realize that I have the potential to show that ideology to all people, especially young girls.

Hopefully next season I can play on a girls team and show my full potential and let people see that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

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