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Taking hits: Thoughts from the only girl on the team


Being on an all-boys team has its highs and lows. You would think that when boys see a girl playing with them, they would be chill with you, but it absolutely isn’t like that let me tell you.

Being on a boys team makes me push harder to become stronger. Yet, in some ways, it breaks me down and makes me feel weak. For JV and house league I go up against boys who are twice my height. It’s very intimating for a girl who stands at 5ft. These boys are used to playing with only boys, so when they see a girl step up to the face-off, well I don’t know what they think.

Now, lately when I play, I’ve been getting checked, and when I mean checked, I mean on the ice, the stick goes flying and my coaches are worried if I am concussed, type of check. This has been happening a lot recently. I don’t know why. I keep my head up when I skate, I see around me, I keep the puck at a good distance but somehow, I just keep getting destroyed. Like geez, give me a break!

Throughout my four years of ice hockey, I really didn’t like playing with boys and being one of the only girls. I always used to think, “If only I was on a girls’ team…” but now that I really think about it, I’m so blessed to be on a team with these boys. They look out for me and help me along the way.

I’m happy where I am and I enjoy it so much more! Not many people would say that if they had to put up with the same things I do. I started to look at it like this: I may not have the chance to be on a girls team for a little while, so I’m going to enjoy playing with the boys who push me and shove me, so I learn to stand my ground and always get up after I fall.

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