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Learning to Play Hockey in Vegas, Part II


Repeat after me….Recovery is a process, it takes time and patience!!

If you didnt read my very first blog, I recently took up ice hockey in Las Vegas, only to be sidelined by a torn meniscus requiring arthroscopic surgery. Now, you’d think a grown women in her 50’s would know that 7 weeks is not nearly enough time for her body to heal. But, never having any type of injury or surgery before, I was clueless, plus my mind was overcome by the incredible feelings that had come from learning to skate and play hockey. So, when the ortho doctor tentatively cleared my return to the gym and skating, keeping in mind that pain and swelling could still occur…all I heard was "SKATE"!

That Sunday, I gathered up my gear and headed down to the rink for the adult hockey clinic. I have to tell you, sliding out onto that new ice again was incredible! It was a small group, just 10 of us, and we worked on passing drills and then had a short scrimmage game. Everything was great!

Then, about half way through the scrimmage my knee felt like it was on fire, and over the course of the next 2 weeks, the pain and stiffness increased. At times it felt like my kneecap was going to pop off! Ice and Motrin wasn’t doing much to to relieve the pain, and walking became difficult. My knee started to buckle….and all sorts of thoughts raced thru my head. What if I tore the meniscus again, or did something worse? What if I need more surgery? Why didn’t I wait longer? How could I been so %&*#@ impatient? Needless to say, I have an appointment with the ortho doctor next week to assess the damage.

So, If you are getting over a knee injury or surgery, please don’t make the mistake I did….allowing inexperience and overzealousness cloud your judgement. Take your time. Focus on the healing process and continue doing your physical therapy exercises to strengthen those leg muscles and increase good balance. It will make you a better and stronger player when you do return.

Repeat after me….recovery is a process, it takes TIME and PATIENCE!


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