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Bella McKee


Bella McKee

-Canada Winter Games Champion 2019 Team Alberta - Goalie - Union College 2019 Incoming Class

Bella McKee

Our dream: Becoming a NCAA DI goalie at Union College

What is a girl from Irma, Alberta, Canada doing in Schenectady, New York at Union College? That is a question...

Shutouts for Seizures: Using hockey’s impact for more

“Mom, told me what you’re doing and I want to say thank you.” In 2011, a young girl named Amelia...
Bella McKee Team Alberta

Team Alberta’s legacy at the 2019 Canada Winter Games

I sat down to write this recap of my time with Team Alberta at the 2019 Canada Winter Games a...

Living away from home while playing hockey

For the past three years, when August has come around I have packed up my things and moved into a...

This is our moment: Bella McKee prepares for the Canada Winter Games with Team Alberta

The preparation. The camps. The workouts. The testing. The games. The grind. It has all added up and pushed us...

Three Tips to Prepare for Hockey Tryouts

Every year when mid to late August comes around, hockey camps and tryouts are in full swing. All your training...