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Middlebury Off to a Great Start


Hi, my name is Jane Freda and I am a sophomore at Middlebury and an Economics major. This week marks the end of the first portion of our season, rounding off our 7th game this upcoming weekend against Castleton. With finals next week, we begin our three-week break from practicing together, returning back to Middlebury just a few days after Christmas. 

Our season is off to a great start! We have been working very hard in the past month, with practice every day and lifts twice a week. In the past few weeks, we have had both Saturday and Sunday games, so after grueling weekends we have had Mondays off. Tuesdays are our “work days”, where we do hard skating drills and sprints at the end. These days are tough to get through, but they make us stronger as a team and get us in better shape.

While other students were able to relax and spend Thanksgiving break at home, we stayed focused at Midd in preparation for two hard games this past weekend at Plattsburgh. After a great week of practice, we had a tough loss on Saturday, but showed our resilience and passion coming back with a win on Sunday in overtime. I can see improvement in our team, getting stronger and faster everyday, which is translating into games. I cannot wait to see what happens this weekend against Castleton and what the rest of our season brings!

– Jane Freda, Sophomore, Middlebury College


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