From youth hockey players coming up the ranks and discovering their love for the game to university and professional players in North America and overseas to beer leaguers living their dreams in rinks around the world—we’re covering it all.

Browse our list of women’s hockey leagues to find first-hand accounts of players living the dream, along with exclusive coverage from our Women’s Hockey Life team.

Eden Murray Yale Bulldogs

Eden Murray joins Calgary Inferno

Part of one of Canada’s most notable, and celebrated, hockey families, Eden Murray ponders an exciting future ahead with the dream of competing professionally in her home province. Along with…
Shea Tiley Clarkson Gold Jersey

Shea Tiley part of Toronto Furies future

With a highly exciting off-season that has seen the Toronto Furies welcome iconic goaltender Sami Jo Small into the General Manager position, while Courtney Birchard-Kessel takes on head coaching reins,…

Celine Tessier | Ridgebacks

Among a growing number of alumnae from the Canadian International Hockey Academy graduating to higher ranks of play, Celine Tessier is looking to make her mark with the University of…