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Common questions young female hockey players get


There are not as many hockey girls out there, so I don’t blame people when they have a question. Honestly, I’d rather they ask than assume. But some of these questions can be weird.

1.“Does it hurt to get hit?”  

This question is more for the goalies and it really isn’t a bad question at all. It’s a little harder to respond to because the answer is: yes and no. It really depends on the spot: back of the leg, foot and head are some of the most painful spots. But, in the end, the point of wearing all that gear isn’t really to make it not hurt, just to make sure you don’t get injured.

2. “What’s the difference between boys and girls hockey?”

I’ve played on both a boys team and a girls team and other than how we look and smell, it’s almost identical. (With the exception of checking of course)

3. “Can you/is it fun to fight?”

It can be fun, if you don’t mind sitting in the penalty box for five minutes. And in all seriousness I don’t endorse fighting. You’re literally standing on steel platform heels punching someone, but I mean in the end, do what you want.

4. “Aren’t you cold?”

I get this all the time. While I could see how people could think that because of how insanely cold the bleachers are but I’m a goalie—I’m basically wearing two sofas strapped to my legs, a bean bag chair over my chest, and two oven mitts.

5. “Don’t you get all sweaty and gross?”

I would have thought that you’d be able to smell me from there. I guess not, so yeah, we get pretty gross.

6. “Are the girls’ locker rooms nice?”

I wish I could say that they offer chocolate covered strawberries at the door and a built in jacuzzi. Some of them really suck. I remember one in particular that really just stuck with me because it was a locker room that was probably seven feet by six feet of plywood, cords and electrical wires coming from the back, with a latch lock and a hole where the door handle would be. So yeah, they are just great.

7. “Who’s the hottest player on the team?”

Honestly I could care less if they’re hot or not if they can’t make a half decent shot from the blue line. (But I mean, there’s nothing wrong with appreciating a good looking hockey player)

8. “Which one’s your son?”

When I asked my mom about this, she said this is one of the most common questions she gets from other parents. Her response, “Actually my daughter’s out there, robbing your son.”

Editor’s Notes:
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