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There are the obvious ‘ups’ about moving, like playing on an amazing hockey team and making lots of new friends, but there are also the ‘downs’ like missing my family and all my friends at home.

There are lots more ups about living in Thunder Bay other than just hockey and making new friends. School is a lot more fun because we do rotary (we move around and switch classes throughout the day like high school), which I enjoy because I made some good friends in the other grade eight class. Another ‘up’ about moving is when I want to hang out with my friends there’s a lot more things to do like going swimming or going to the movies.

Then there’s the not so amazing things, like all of my friends at home hang out and go to school dances together that I’m missing out on. Also, I miss seeing my mom and dad in person everyday and bugging my older brother. I really miss school sports in Sioux Lookout because I had lots of fun going to Kenora and Dryden on the bus.

It is a lot of work to balance my new friends and my friends back in Sioux Lookout. I keep in the loop on social media and talk to my best friend almost every night on FaceTime, depending on my hockey schedule. I have all my hockey friends that I talk hockey to and my friends at my new school and I talk about different things than I talked about at my old school. There’s also a different way I interact with people at my new school because I haven’t known them for as long as I’ve known my friends from Sioux lookout.

That is all for my blog today. I hope you enjoyed it. We are going on our first exhibition weekend this week in Chippewa Falls, WI and our first tournament is this month as well, so I will be able to fill you in next month.

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