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Turning rejection into hockey training motivation


I can’t believe it! A whole month has passed since my rejection from the girls’ hockey team and I am not even close to having a clue on what team I want to play for in October. I guess you can say I am keeping my options open.

Time really does help to heal wounds, when I look back on how upset I was when I didn’t make the girls’ team and how I feel now—what a difference. We need to realize everything happens for a reason.

I feel I want to take my time to decide where I want to play this season, so I began focusing on my personal fitness. I watched videos on a couple of my favorite hockey players such as Connor McDavid and Jack Hughes training and the type of dryland exercises they do to help improve speed and agility. They are not easy to do, let me tell you that. But in the morning when I wake up sore I know that this is going to help me when I’m on the ice.

It’s not easy to find the motivation to work out and do these specific exercises every day. The thing that keeps me going is when I think about this upcoming season—whatever team I will be playing for, a girls’ team or boys’ team, I want to be a team player and do the best that I can for myself and for my team. For me personally, I like to push myself to do my very best when I work out. I always do one more rep and run a little faster. It’s fun because when I go on runs I’m not in a competition with anyone else but myself. I am trying to become better than the person I was yesterday and that’s what keeps me going.

All I can say is that I am excited about what the future holds and I am so excited for the Girls Medal Hockey Camp in York, PA that I am going to next month.

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