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WHL People | Episode 1 | Morgan Fisher


Introducing WHL People in video form!

When we created the WHL People initiative back in 2015, our goal was to create an avenue for the people of the women’s hockey world to share their stories of triumph, success, overcoming, inspiration, trials and more. Today, we’re proud to have taken WHL People and its mission a step further by launching Episode 1 of our video series of WHL People. This will be the first of many episodes we plan to create to tell the important stories from the women’s hockey world.

Episode 1 features Morgan Fisher, a goaltender at the University of Connecticut. Morgan’s story is both heart breaking and inspirational and we sat down with Morgan, her family, and her hockey family to tell her story.

Get your popcorn and Kleenex out for Episode 1 as we tell the story of Morgan’s hockey journey with her dad:

We want to thank Morgan, her mom, and everyone else involved for allowing us to tell this story. We also want to thank our team here at Women’s Hockey Life for making WHL People come alive in video form, especially our incredible videographer, Cassandra Opela.

How to share your story

Do you have a story you want to share for yourself or someone else? Submit your story here and you may be chosen to have your story featured in a future episode of WHL People.

If you want to read more inspirational stories from the people of the women’s hockey world, check them out here!

WHL People

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