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UMass Boston Summer 2015: Signing Out


Hey Hockey World! I’ve missed you!

Taking some time away from the sport after the season ended has been something I haven’t really done since I started playing competitively in middle school or so.  Summers always were a funny mix of trying to make yourself better for the next year, but enjoying your time off and recharging the batteries.  Admittedly so, I never really nailed that balance and was either too competitive or too lackadaisical, so I’m definitely glad the pressure to perform and meet some high physical bench marks are off.  I’m sure I will miss hard workouts someday, but today is not that day.

On that note, “retirement” from playing is a weird and wonderful thing. It’s funny to think that any platform I play on in the future is going to be voluntary pick-up leagues, late night ice session with friends or old guys, or the Beantown tournament where I’m sure to get destroyed by team Whip.  Either way, I’m cool with it.  I know that hockey will always be in my life, in one way or another. 

Fortunately, the question of where hockey will fit in my life was answered just a few days ago.  I was seeking an opportunity to be a part of the game from another perspective, and found the exact place that I thought I would fit. Luckily for me, I was the recipient of the offer to earn my masters while simultaneously coaching at the collegiate level at Stevenson University.  I’m so excited for Stevenson as they enter the new ECAC North Atlantic league. The position and feel of the program and school was so comfortable from the beginning and I couldn’t be more humbled but excited that the coaching staff felt the same towards me. I certainly have no idea what I’m in for but am willing to find out.

As for UMB and UNH, I am where I am today because of them, every person and every experience.  My dream to play D1 came true at UNH, and UMB allowed me immeasurable growth as a person and a hockey player. My story is a true testament to how many things in life can be learned from hockey, secondly of course to the lessons I’ve learned through God and my wonderful parents. 

Looking ahead, I am ecstatic to introduce my two friends who will be taking over for my writing at UMB and UNH.  Teammate and roommate Alexa Cappione will be the voice from UMass, and Sara Carlson will bring her perspective from Durham, NH.  Both are incredible players and people and will proudly represent the Beacons and Wildcats.

Until next time!


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