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Life after College for Sherri Bowles


Hello Blog Followers!

It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog, but I am super happy to be back and filling you guys in on my summer so far.

Being done college hockey has definitely changed my summer routine in regards to what I have been doing compared to other summers when I had the upcoming season to train for. I have to admit, I am still not used to it and it tends to make me emotional because it reminds me that I am not heading back to NAIT to play another hockey season with the Ooks. I just can’t really believe how fast my college career went by. It feels like last year was just my first season. It is definitely a work in progress to get into a new routine, but I know my emotions of not playing on a college team will stay with me for a while.

Where am I now? In March I started my career with the Edmonton Oilers where I am working as a full-time employee. I can honestly say I lucked out and the timing was perfect for me in order to get this dream job with a pretty outstanding organization. Having a routine each day is something I love where it allows me to still have time to go to the gym before or after work, cook good meals, take part in extracurricular activities and prepare for the next day. Every summer I have been used to training hard daily to prepare for the upcoming season. As to date, I still do not know where my next season will take place and who I will be playing for but I have still been going to the gym to keep in shape to be prepared for whatever comes my way. By all means, the training hasn’t been as intense as past years, but I am still in the gym mode and have goals in mind.

I also love the fact that this summer has allowed me to take some time to spend more valuable moments with my family and friends. I was limited to this last year with off-season training and working numerous jobs, so I kind of feel “free” this summer. It is more so that I am able to plan more vacations home, or to the lake, and not have to plan around a busier schedule. I just spent the past weekend with my entire family here in Alberta celebrating the life of my Aunt. I can’t even explain how nice it was to have the entire family all together at once. Also, I have to say one of the highlights thus far was watching my younger twin brothers win the RBC Cup National Tournament with the Portage Terriers. I spent the full week and a half in Manitoba camping with my family in Portage and cheering on the Terriers in the RBC Cup. It was so intense, nerve racking, and amazing to watch. Seeing the joy on their faces, the excitement in the building, and knowing that they are National Champions brought tears to my eyes. Their team deserved this from the very beginning where they had a record breaking season and to be able to win this big of tournament in their home rink, what is sweeter than that? A huge congratulations going out to the entire team and coaching staff; a season to definitely be proud of!

I am heading home to Manitoba for August long weekend and spending a few extra days there as well to be with my family in our hometown along with my friends. I find that this is a great weekend to go home since it is Western Weekend and there will be many events going on such as horse racing, barrel racing, ball tournaments, beach volleyball, socials, aaaaaaand can’t forget the beer gardens! Events like these in small towns are so much fun and I love it because I can visit all my friends and family at one place, all together. The city life is also quite different than my hometown, so it is always nice to go back to the small town living.

Future plans: Moving forward, I am going to have a very busy schedule with working for the Oilers and their games, then along with coaching, and potentially playing on my own team. I don’t mind the busy schedule, I always love having something to do rather than sitting around doing nothing. I am very excited to start coaching and traveling with a group of girls where I can share my hockey knowledge with them and help them grow as individuals and players. In my next blog, I look forward to sharing more news with you in regards to where I am coaching and what my role is. I am so excited… sorry for the teaser! I hope by my next blog that I am able to share with you what my plan is for my own playing time as well, but there is a lot of thinking to do with that yet. It is not easy growing up and making these big decisions on my own, but I like the challenge and the learning that comes with it. The joys of growing up!!

That is all I have for now, and like I said, I can’t wait to write my next blog and share more experiences and decisions I have made with you. I hope you all continue to have an amazing summer! Until my next blog…

Sherri Bowles, NAIT Ooks Women’s Hockey Alumni #15


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