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Three years. That’s how long it took me to score my first goal. Wow, yeah, I know—scoring goals never came easy to me. I’d spend hours in my driveway shooting pucks. Even during practices my shots would be incredible! But come to game time, they weren’t as good. I never understood why. I told myself before every game I played, “I’m going to score a goal.” Two games later, I finally did it! I scored it off of my own rebound, and right over the goalie’s pad. Boy what a feeling that was! It felt great! All my hard work had paid off. Now I actually have some points next to my name (besides my 12min penalty…) on my high school’s team roster!

But it didn’t end there, these goals kept on coming. That same week, I played my first house league game, and your girl scored two goals. Two! How insane is that?!

I was pretty nervous for my first game at this house league level—I’m skating against all these boys who play on travel teams and who are more experienced players. But here I am, scoring two goals! Being able to keep up with the faster pace of travel kids, and being able to score on them is a big confidence boost.

It goes to show that working hard, day and night, even when you are tired or too busy pays off in the end. It may take a couple of months or three years (if you are me), but eventually everything falls into place.

I will continue to work hard, to stay focused and to stay on my grind. I’m getting better as the season goes on and it’s only the beginning—so many more good things are yet to come! I’m enjoying the game so much more as I feel more involved and a connection with my teammates! I cant wait to see what the rest of the season has in store!

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