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A time of reflection and looking forward to 2020


December is my favorite month!  Not only is it the holidays, it is also my birthday month!  I am turning 17 very soon and I am keeping so positive about my hockey career. I only scored my first goal a month ago and haven’t scored since. I get ice time once a week, and the rest of the days I either work out on my own time or play hockey in my driveway.  I have never been on a travel hockey team and I finally am on a team that is going to start traveling in January.  Things are looking up for my 17th year and for 2020.

December is also a time to reflect on 2019.  I have been blogging all of 2019 with Women’s Hockey Life and I hope it was a good year for all of you! Make sure you take the time to look back and see how you progressed or look to see where you need improvement, either way learn from it. 

I know I don’t have the opportunities most other young women have playing hockey.  Long Island has one women’s hockey team and I started playing the sport late.  I often complain about these things but I realize that it’s going to be OK.  I will be a senior next year and I am learning the recruiting process, I am keeping positive and realizing that as long as I am playing hockey in some kind of capacity it’s going to be good.

So, my friends, ENJOY this month, keep positive and know the New Year is coming to make changes!

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