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Living With Your Teammates


I wouldn’t say living in a suite with five of your other teammates is easy, but it can be rewarding and very entertaining at times. I live with my best friends, my teammates, my sisters and I wouldn’t change them for anyone else. We all have very different personalities which prove difficult when living in such close conditions with each other. There a three defenseman and three forwards and we compete for a spot in the lineup every week. Regardless, tension amongst us can be high sometimes. Even in the off season it’s a competition between who is training more than the others. I think of it as if they are always keeping me on my toes. I always have someone to go to the gym with no matter what time of the day.

As girls, we of course fight over stupid, catty things that really shouldn’t be an issue, but in the end we know when to drop things and move on. We also know when to pick each other up and dust each other off when the going gets tough. Nothing can come between us whether it is boys, hockey, or stolen food we all know when it’s time to cool off and look back at what were fighting about and say “well that was pretty stupid”. My roommates are probably the funniest, enjoyable, and down-to-earth girls I know.  What’s really the point of having five best friends, if you can’t be wild with them? Every day is a roller coaster of events and something is always happening that keeps us moving. In the end we look out for each other and we know that hockey will always keep us together.


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