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Wow, its already October! HOCKEY SEASON IS FINALLY HERE! I remember like it was yesterday when I was packing and getting excited to go to summer camp. Where does the time go?

It’s now fall and I am preparing for a GREAT season! I’m actually really excited for this season to start.  I’ve been working hard all summer to get ready for games and practices — I want this season to be one of my best.  I must say, I gained some confidence over the summer, it really is the truth when people say “You must hit bottom to get back up” because I feel GOOD.  Reality has made me realize that I am determined to play with the boys and I will be unstoppable; I am going to stop feeling sorry for myself and I am going to KICK some BUTT this season. I FEEL IT!!!

I also want to get scouted for college hockey this season.  I realize there are hockey players who play in high school, love it but have no interest to play in college (maybe they strive for a club team), but I would make hockey my career if I could.

Education is the way to go but why go to school if you can’t play hockey? I strive to play for a D1 school. I aim high, but I also know I can always play for a D3 school or play club hockey.  Whatever the future holds with my higher education, it will include hockey. I want to shoot for the moon and if I miss I will land among the stars, as the old saying goes. D1 is a pretty high goal and that is what keeps me working hard and staying focused. I’m in the 11th grade now and I feel like it’s pretty necessary to start thinking about my future and getting excited about what opportunities it will bring.

This season, for my high school team, I’m working hard to become captain. I think it would be quite an honor to become the first female captain for my team. Technically, I am the oldest person on the team, so that’s a plus and I want to pitch to the coach that having a female captain on a mostly boys team would ruffle some feathers, and I am all for it!

A big goal of mine is to be able to inspire the kids on my team, to let them know how good they are and how good they will be as hockey players on and off the ice. I also want to inspire the girls who watch us play that it’s super cool for girls to play hockey, and to see a girl as captain is even better—girls are capable to doing anything!

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