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The most wonderful time of the year is coming around here at Union- Winter Break.  While everyone else is heading home for the next 6 weeks (trimester schedule.  Get at us), the women’s hockey team will be on campus with little to do besides eat, sleep, and hockey.  We love being able to focus on our game, a stay-cation from academics if you will.  It’s much needed time to rest our brains, reboot after a fast-paced 10 weeks, and reward ourselves for surviving a grueling finals period.  We couldn’t be more ready for the lazy days of onesie wearing, scarf knitting, and team bonding.  Finding ways to fill large chunks of free time every day is not easy, but we continue to rise to the challenge.  Last year we learned to knit as a team and made a lot of super-handmade Christmas gifts that proved, it’s the thought that counts. Our bus driver Pat, who we love dearly, said he had never seen a sight quite like all 24 of us knitting on the bus in all his time with our team. 

We thank our lucky stars to be here at the U for one very special reason- celebrating the holidays together!  On the night of Secret Santa tissue paper is a flyin, Christmas music is a playin, and the love is spreadin.  Jokes and ensuing cackles threaten to drown out Mariah Carey’s all I Want for Christmas as it competes for airplay over the Frozen soundtrack.  It’s a tradition that everyone spends weeks preparing for with thoughtful planning for what their person will love.  The anticipation for the receiver to open their present is far greater than opening your own gift.  It’s a chance for all of us to demonstrate our love and appreciation for our teammates, as well as a reminder that we are loved and appreciated.  The moments are in the memories, and who better to make them with than your teammates?  Here’s to new traditions and special times that fill our days over these wintry weeks.  Enjoy your breaks at home, we’ll be here living our days the way we like ‘em- with a routine of eat, sleep, and hockey.  

xoxo #00


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