A Once In A Lifetime Experience with CCM

CCM is doing something new this summer and it involves highlighting, promoting and growing the women’s game.

CCM has been putting on Skills Camps that are made up of four sessions: an on-ice session where participants will get to try out the latest unreleased CCM gear, a newly developed off-ice shooting and stick handling session to help players develop proper techniques and shooting mechanics, a fitness session, and a nutrition seminar to educate players on the importance of proper nutrition. 

Their goal is to teach youth players how to develop and maintain the physical and mental strength that is needed to excel in the sport of hockey. The CCM Skills Camp not only delivers an unrivaled educational program, but first and foremost, an unforgettable CCM experience that will be the highlight of each player’s summer!

So what’s new? CCM has created an all-girls camp in 3 key cities, which will have National Team players teaching your daughter the skills of the game.

June 18th - Minneapolis, MN

July 9th - Boston, MA 

August 13th - Montreal, QC 

I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend the day trying out new CCM gear with Brianna Decker, Meghan Duggan, Brianne McLaughlin, Jocelyn & Monique Lamoureux, Kim St-Pierre and others, all while honing in on their skills?

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