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Montreal looks to keep rolling at midway point of PWHL season


On Friday morning PWHL Montreal players, Kori Cheverie, and Danielle Sauvageau met the media ahead of their next home game on Saturday against Boston and spoke about the upcoming games and new league rules.

Through 13 games of the PWHL regular season, Montreal sits in the first, and at this point, they don’t want to take their foot off the gas with 11 games to go.

” We have had to build quite a bit”, Montreal head coach Kori Cheverie told me. ” I really like how our team is shaping up and we really need to understand the game and that’s what we need to get what we want and right now where we are is still not good enough and they know that and we are never satisfied.”

The league announced two major things this week with the playoff format where the number one seed will get to choose their opponent in the first round while also inventing what they are calling ” The Gold Standard”.” In contrast, once a team is mathematically eliminated from playoff contention they start accumulating points for the potential of getting the first pick in the draft.

” It’s awesome”, Laura Stacey told the media in attendance. ” I think creating our own league and our own rules and changing things up it’s awesome to see and I love the new playoff format and the gold standard in terms of draft order and it’s really innovative and it’s setting us apart and that is what we wanted and something that was going to last and something people were going to watch.”

The media did get a chance to speak with Montreal general manager Danielle Sauvagueau who confirmed she is happy with how the league is going and where it is heading.

” There was a lot of reflection behind it”, Sauvageau said. ” We are building for now and in the future and want teams to be competitive till the end of the season.”

There is also word that Melodie Daoust could sign a 10-day contract and be in the lineup Saturday afternoon against Boston and Daoust pretty much broke the news noting she could potentially see herself on a line with Marie Phillipe Poulin.

In regards to the playoffs, I asked Sauvageau who would be making the decision in regards to who they would want to play and she confirmed it would be a decision made by the organization.

” That decision will be made by the organization and will be made based on a process we have in place and the earlier you prepare instead of making a last-minute rash decision based on emotion be much better.”

This will be the third meeting this season between Montreal and Boston, the visitors spoiled the home opener on January 13th in Verdun while Montreal got a win in their most recent meeting at Tsongas Center.

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