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We’re huge fans of women’s hockey here. And our loyal readership keeps us going. This time, we wanted to give back to the readers.

There might be many opportunities for hockey players, but what about the fans? Is there a way to stay connected to your passion while making money on the side? Well, as it turns out, there are many ways to do that.

In this guide, we will look at five dependable and time-tested ways in which women’s hockey fans can build their community, talk about their favorite sport, and make some decent money while at it!

1. On the Grounds!

First, let’s talk about the ways that require you to be on the ground.

  • Coaching or Training: Anyone with experience in playing hockey can consider offering coaching services. You can choose between private lessons, group clinics, or training a local team.
  • Sports Photography or Videography: People with a camera can capture hockey games and events. This work can then be sold to media outlets, teams, or individuals interested in quality women’s hockey photos and videos!
  • Events and Tournaments: You can also plan and host hockey events like charity tournaments or camps. The revenue will be generated through participant fees or ticket sales. You might also get sponsors depending on the size of the tournament and where you are. 
  • Scouting: Scouting or talent evaluation services can be offered to teams or agencies that are looking for insights on players and prospects.
  • Refereeing: If you know the ins and outs of hockey rules and regulations, you can become a certified official or referee. Officiating at local games can provide ample opportunities to earn a steady income.

2. Betting & Fantasy

It’s always an option to do (legal) betting and participate in fantasy hockey leagues. It’s true that these typically involve risks, but they can be a reliable way to make money if you have a good understanding of the game.

More often than not, bad bets are only made based on poor information. If you happen to know a lot about the players, teams, and leagues, then you can try to bet on women’s hockey or create fantasy teams methodologically with a strictly controlled budget.

If you don’t have enough confidence in your knowledge when it comes to women’s hockey, then we don’t recommend you to engage in hockey betting before first brushing up on the history, performance stats, and more. After all, placing bets on teams requires in-depth knowledge of the game, as well as a deliberate betting strategy. 

3. Creating Content

Content is always in demand. You can start your podcast, begin a YouTube channel, or start an online blog.

According to the Internet Live Stats, we have over 1.5 billion websites today, with 200 million of them actively producing interaction and content. What this means is that the competition is fierce. 

To make it big and succeed as a women’s hockey content creator, you need to be at the top of your game—Much like how your favorite hockey players need to perform consistently to beat contenders.

  • Make sure you’re regular and active.
  • Try to capture trending keywords or newsworthy headlines.
  • 100% original, unique, and useful content works best.

4. Selling Merchandise

Selling professional-quality gear (like we do) isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. A lot of time and money has to be invested in R&D, sourcing, competitor research, and setting up sales and marketing chains.

But everyone can begin with the simple stuff, such as:

  • Selling their hockey designs on phone covers, hats, t-shirts, etc.
  • Making stickers, artwork (like decals or posters), or custom-printed apparel.
  • Collaborating with local sellers or vendors to help them get online while getting a commission.
  • Selling novelty items and small accessories locally.

5. Social Media Influencing

It’s general knowledge that social media influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers make a lot of money. Whereas influencers with 1M+ followers can easily charge upward of $1,000 on Instagram and TikTok, it’s not bad for smaller ones either.

Influencers on these platforms or YouTube, Twitter, and even Facebook can hope to earn big if their content has value. That’s why having a loyal and niche fan following is important. You’ll be discovered automatically if you publish valuable content.

Quality is as important as quantity, consistency, and being active on social media platforms if you wish to become an influencer. Hitting 100K followers will make you a macro-influencer, and you can quickly charge around $150-200 per post (minimum), as per a Forbes article.

Wrapping Up

Monetizing your love for hockey can take a while. All of the ways we listed above have different kinds of planning time involved, as well.

Whereas sports writing or blogging can be started with just a domain name and hosting that you can buy in minutes, setting up a store to sell merchandise to earn meaningfully can easily take months to just begin.

Keep these considerations in mind, and we wish you the best of luck!

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