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Women’s Ice Hockey in UK From A Fan’s Perspective


I am a massive fan of women’s ice hockey and I support Guildford Lightning. I am also a season ticket holder for the EPL’s Flames from the same town. I pretty much support any Guildford ice hockey from the Flames right down to the junior system. In the NHL I am a Toronto fan. I’ve been supporting ice hockey for many years.

There are many reasons why I watch the women. The atmosphere there is amazing because the players are very friendly and I’ve become friends with a few players and some of the parents who go to games. The best advantage of the games is…..NO COST and NO TICKETS! That means just get to the ice rink and have an incredible time.

There are many places throughout the UK to support these incredibly talented ladies. These places are: Bracknell, Guildford, Kingston (Hull), Milton Keynes, Sheffield, Slough, Solihull, Streatham, Billingham, Blackburn, Coventry, Manchester, Nottingham, Solway, Telford, Whitley Bay, Basingstoke, Cardiff, Chelmsford, Gillingham, Kent (Invicta), Oxford, Peterborough and Solent.

The women’s games are a good way to extend the season because they finish their season in May. 

The women deserve support. In my opinion it doesn’t matter what league a player or team play in, they are all equal!

Hopefully the Winter Olympics last year in Sochi persuaded you to watch the women.

I have seen so many talented players in my time as an ice hockey fan and would love to give playing a go (I need to learn to skate first!) I would be a goalie if I could play because I love all the cool gear they wear.

To finish up, please remeber that women are just as good as men and should be treated equally!


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