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  2. Why Women’s Hockey is Worth Being Known

Why Women’s Hockey is Worth Being Known


Women’s hockey is mocked by many people. Yet, there is such beauty that lies behind the sport. Here is a list of why women’s hockey is a sport apart from the rest.

1:  To support more than women athletes. Behind the hockey players, are mothers, professors or nurses.

2:  Hayley Wickenheiser, Angela Ruggiero and Camilla Granato. Enough said ? Oh, we forgot, Cassie Campbell.

3:  Because there is no doping or scandals. What they want is simple, it’s equality.

4:  To watch hockey and be amazed by the talent that makes the beauty of the players.

5:  It’s another way of seeing the game. Women’s Hockey offers incomparable style of play and a very good one tactically. They play tough and know how to score goals.

6:  To participate in the media coverage of women’s sport. You’ll see, it’s gratifying !

7: T o keep the spirit of Title IX.

8:  Because the phrase "Play like a girl" no longer means anything.

9:  To see in arenas, little girls who say "I can do it."

10: Because girls have as much talent as boys if not more.

Thomas Woloch

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