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Why Women’s Hockey is Worth Being Known


Women’s hockey is mocked by many people. Yet, there is such beauty that lies behind the sport. Here is a list of why women’s hockey is a sport apart from the rest.

1:  To support more than women athletes. Behind the hockey players, are mothers, professors or nurses.

2:  Hayley Wickenheiser, Angela Ruggiero and Camilla Granato. Enough said ? Oh, we forgot, Cassie Campbell.

3:  Because there is no doping or scandals. What they want is simple, it’s equality.

4:  To watch hockey and be amazed by the talent that makes the beauty of the players.

5:  It’s another way of seeing the game. Women’s Hockey offers incomparable style of play and a very good one tactically. They play tough and know how to score goals.

6:  To participate in the media coverage of women’s sport. You’ll see, it’s gratifying !

7: T o keep the spirit of Title IX.

8:  Because the phrase "Play like a girl" no longer means anything.

9:  To see in arenas, little girls who say "I can do it."

10: Because girls have as much talent as boys if not more.

Thomas Woloch

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