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#WHLHockeyMom – Mia Macpherson


For me, being a hockey mom has evolved over time. I went from being a figure skater teaching my own boys how to skate on the outdoor ice across our house to being a hockey player myself. I have followed my boys along the way and encouraged them both as best as I could. I got involved and was even a team treasurer—never again!

I maybe understood what they were going through better than others because I was a player myself. I found that some things became more important as the boys got older. It made sense for me to teach them about the « bigger » team—the part we should play in our community.

I was lucky to get involved with Hockey Helps the Homeless. I am proud every year to have my boys join me at this event. Now it’s their turn to watch me play as they become involved as timekeepers.

We are a hockey family! Proud to be a #WHLAmbassador and a #WHLHockeyMom!

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