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The Struggles of Getting in “Hockey Shape”


I haven’t been able to skate in two weeks. During those two, life’s been more than a little hectic — I purchased a car, worked multiple days overtime and had a short vacation in Florida. I literally dreamt of skating.

Returning to my hockey clinic tonight, which is about to begin its next 10 weeks of sessions, was a bit jarring but overwhelmingly comforting. I had been a little concerned, only skating for a few months now, that I would’ve forgotten a lot of what I’ve been getting comfortable with but it’s almost as if the opposite happened. Thanks to extra sleep and a weekend of outside activities, I came into class tonight feeling rested and ready to take on the world. I had some moments with "almost" spills… (I’m no where near where I want to be yet) but overall, it’s been my best class yet.

It was exhausting though, truthfully, as this rink keeps their temperature somewhere in the 60° Fahrenheit range (you’re hot walking through the door in a winter jacket) and I was skating pretty riggerously through the obstacles. My conditioning, or lack-there-of, was definitely showing.

Since running — I use that term loosely — a marathon in early November, I’ve struggled with my weight and overall endurance. I’ve occasionally gone on a run, this past weekend I played pickleball and golf, and I’ve sometimes even popped in my Insanity DVDs (I have completed this program once before!). I find, though, that I haven’t actually been able to stick with working out or dieting — by which I, of course, mean actually eating well

I’ve started and stopped the Insanity diet, I’ve started and stopped just overall healthy eating but nothing I’ve been doing seems to be sticking. I’m trying to train myself into knowing, instead of just hoping, that starting and sticking to an exercise regime and diet will help my hockey, because that’s true, but I’m one of those sticklers that’s sometimes hard to convince of things. 

If I actually begin and stick to a new routine, I’ll post my progress in my next month’s blog, as well as how it maybe helps my hockey.

Are there any diets or workout routines you’ve found that have helped you? I’d love to try something new!


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