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We just had states for my club team, the Massachusetts Spitfires. We had a good tournament and lost in the semis to the team who eventually went on to win the tournament. It was good to have our team finally play well together and execute well, and also have a break for Thanksgiving. 


Now that it is Williston season, I think that the team here is super excited to get everything started. 


On Wednesday, Williston played against the Chinese U18 National Team. It was great to have a scrimmage under our belt for the new players and to get a feel for our team this year. We won 5-1 with lots of people contributing to the win. After the game, we ate dinner with the national team girls, which was a great experience. We all had questions for each other, and it was great to get to know them; they were so nice and great. They all followed us on Instagram and Twitter and were so excited to be there. 


On Saturday, we played our first real game versus Millbrook. It was the day we all have been waiting for for a long time, and it was a great game. Before the game, we did our pump-up where two girls come up with something to get everyone happy and excited. What we usually do is we get a bunch of fruit from the dining hall and bring it down to the rink where we go outside and play fruit smash. Everyone gets a turn or two and we use a bat and basically play baseball with the fruit we have. It’s so funny to see everyone just having fun and laughing before we all get in the zone and get ready for the game. We ended up winning 8-0, having seven different goal scorers—three of them being new players’ first goals! A lot of the new girls were nervous for our home opener, but I think after they got a shift or two under their belts, they were great. As a team, we got better and learned how to play like a team better. 

We are excited to play at Cushing and at Pomfret this week, then prepare for the Harrington Tournament at Nobles and Milton the following weekend! 


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