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Spring: Workouts, Work, and Vappu


As soon as the season was over I wanted to start training for the new one. I had decided to take off 2 weeks, just to do whatever I feel like. No particular schedule or training program to follow. It was tough. In those two weeks I found myself at a local CrossFit gym and at women’s (american) football practice, to name a few.

As I’m writing this blog I’m looking at my third week of summer training, as excited as ever. I’m working hard to become more powerful specifically in my legs and my core. To mix it up a little, I do gymnastics once a week. I absolutely love it! I’m learning to do the flick now and hoping to master it by the end of the summer. There is already a video on instagram (minttuominen15) of me doing it assisted, if you wanna take a look. I have set my goals high for the upcoming season, and I can’t wait to see the results of the summer training!

I also got the perfect job I have been looking for! I work at an after-school program for first- and second-graders. It is 20 hours per week so I get to train both in the morning and after work. There are 7 other supervisors so it’s a big group of workers but also a big group of kids (70 or so at most). Some of the kids can be pretty difficult to handle but I love how original they are. They sure know how to make every day an interesting and different one. So far I have enjoyed work every day.

Grad schools. I applied to a total of three grad school programs. Unfortunately, I found out that I didn’t get accepted to two of them, and I’m waiting to hear from the third one. On the other hand, I will be working at the after-school program next year as well so maybe I’m better off without any schoolwork.

Finnish word of the month: Vappu = May Day.
Vappu is an annual celebration day and a public holiday in Finland. We celebrate the spring and international worker’s day by going out for a picnic in a park. In Helsinki, my hometown, the park EVERYONE goes to is called Kaivopuisto and it’s in downtown Helsinki. People wear their white graduation caps from high school or college, and of course I wore my cap and tassel from Ohio State.

Next up: Argentina and Columbus OH! Yep, I’m traveling all the way to Buenos Aires, Argentina in June for the FIRS world inline hockey championships! I have never been to Argentina so I’m real excited about it. After two weeks there I will spend one week at the Ohio State University campus, visiting friends. Can’t wait for that either, it will be so much fun!


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