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Hello there! Sorry it’s been a while since I have posted but as all of you know, summer is filled with work and play! Since I last blogged, the season came to an end and we had to say goodbye to the seniors on the team. This means that we juniors are now seniors. This means that our last season of college hockey is coming up, but I’d rather not think about that before it even starts.

This summer we had a rigorous work out program to follow and I feel good about the upcoming season being in shape, healthy, and ready to go. While on vacation this summer, I found myself without a gym within miles. Being on a 4WD beach on the Outer Banks in North Carolina will do that to you. My step-brother and I improvised and made a beach workout program that consisted of running on the beach, body weight work, and lifting with various things we could find on the beach. The lifts were along the lines of overhead and front squats, bent rows, and clean jerks with cinder blocks, drift wood, and flat tires. While on the beach, we met a woman who shared our disappointment in the lack of gyms in the area. She told us how she runs marathons and she blogs about her experiences too! (

Looking forward to the upcoming season, we have some tough games early in the season and some new teams mixed into the schedule. We are getting on the ice a week earlier than last year and I know this will make a big difference going into our first games. Also, our off ice program is commencing a week earlier than last year too. This means there won’t be a dip in the training when we transition from summer to the school year. This also means that the freshmen will be immediately immersed into the student-athlete lifestyle and our team bonding can only flourish from this.

I hope this season is the best one yet being it is my senior year, and I couldn’t ask to share it with better teammates! This year our goalie crew has grown again to four and we all are excited for the season. Speaking of goalies, I’d like to give my best wishes to goalie coach Mandy who took another coaching job and furthering her career. Big thanks to her for helping mold me into the player and person I am today. Good luck Mandy Sue 32!


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