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Senior Day at Union; Leaving a Legacy


This past weekend was Senior Day here at the U.  We played Cornell for our final game and kept up with them for most of the game.  The shots were even and at one point in our favor.  It was a great game and a great way to end our season.  Senior Day feels like Christmas.  There’s lots of planning, decorating, and surprises along the way.  It starts on Monday with the making of senior posters.  They are six-foot long posters with each senior’s name, twitter handle, and some of their signature interests, like the logos of where they choose to get their caffeine fix.  One senior got a poster as big as her personality from the Biology Department and all the professors who she has made an impression on in class.  It spanned the entire goal end of the glass and will probably be retold in stories as a full football field in length. 

The seniors have given us four years of hard work and senior day is our time to thank them with posters and a Cornell themed piñata to beat with a broken hockey stick.  On the last road trip of the season it is tradition to present the seniors with handmade garnet and black blankets with their names and numbers. We like to think that every time they wrap up in their blankets its as if they’re being hugged by all of us that made them.  Senior Day is an exciting day, it’s a happy day, but it can produce more precipitation than the rainy season in Singapore if you let it.  Instead of letting the feels get to us on Saturday, we chose to bring our best to Cornell.  A term in our locker room this past month has been Legacy.  What kind of a legacy do we want to create, for each game and how we played it to speak to a legacy of refusing to give up, of being unbreakable. 

On Senior Day, our goalie, Shenae Lundberg made her 3,000th save.  In our last home weekend, our captain, Chiristine “HuggyBear” Valente broke the program record for assists.  Our seniors are also the have seen the most wins of any class in program history.  Senior Day saw off a class of seniors that made a difference on and off the ice.  They leave behind a legacy for us to continue and better in the upcoming season.  We love them, we will miss them, and we hope next Senior Day they’ll be able to come back and say we made them proud.


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