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NU Huskies Skate with U8 Youth Team Post-Game


Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great holiday season with your families and friends, and a great new year as well!

The pups had to arrive back in Boston, from winter break, for a practice on December 27th. It was in the evening so some of us flew back the 26th, while others took a redeye overnight to land in the morning of the 27th. Practice was great, everybody came back in shape and we were ready to get after the second half of our season. We practiced the rest of that week, and then faced off against Dartmouth, on Wednesday December 31st, for our first game back and our last game of 2014. At the end of three periods, the Big Green defeated the Huskies by a score of 1-5. After the game the girls gathered for New Years Eve, watched the ball drop, and called it a night. We were off the next day, but we had to start preparing for our next opponent on Saturday, January 3rd.

Our first game of the New Year was against UCONN. The battle of the Huskies was played at Matthews Arena at 2pm, and after 60 minutes of play, the score was 3-3. We then went to overtime and the score remained a tie after a fourth period. We will face off against Connecticut in a few more weeks for another two games.

Still no classes, and campus was still pretty empty. Our typical day consisted of lift, practice, team bonding activities, and then free time. After another week elapsed it was time for two of our biggest games of the season. On Saturday, January 10th, and Sunday, January 11th, the pups matched up against our cross-town rival, Boston College. It’s not everyday we get to play the number 1 team in the nation, so these were two exciting games. The first game was played at home, where the Eagles defeated us Huskies 3-7. Following the game, the pups went back on the ice to skate with an under 8 junior islanders team. It was nice being able to have some fun with future hockey stars. After a good nights rest, we boarded the bus and were off to Boston College for the second game of the weekend. Another tough game, and the final score was 1-9 with another win for BC.

Classes started back up today (Monday, January 12th), so we are back to our normal routines. It’s nice to see everyone back on campus again, and hearing how all of their breaks were. We have a full week of practice ahead and then have to get ready for another Boston rival and league game on Sunday, Januuary 18th against the BU Terriers. I hope to see you all at Matthews Arena!

Stay warm, embrace the New Year, new changes, and enjoy 2015; until next time hockey fans!



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