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NAIT Ooks Ready for Playoffs


Hello, it’s Livia again!

Last time I talked to you it was November before Christmas break and I am more than excited to tell you about our second half of the season. We started off the second half with team activities and fitness testing.  Everybody was excited to be back and start off a new semester. On the first weekend back in action, we took on SAIT. In our first game of the second half of the season, we battled hard but unfortunately we lost. The day after our tough loss, we drove to Calgary to take on SAIT again. We knew SAIT was not going to be an easy team to play against as they were still in a position of making playoffs, but we ended up winning this game 3-2.

We then headed to Sylvan Lake on Thursday to take on RDC, but due to unfortunate circumstances we had to postpone that game. The day after, Red Deer came to Edmonton with the confidence to win. I think we had more confidence than RDC as we ended up beating them 4-0.

After a week of practices and a weekend off, we took on MacEwan and the earlier mentioned postponed game against RDC. We were more than pumped to play against our Edmonton rival, MacEwan.  As always, these two games are very intense. We split four points with MacEwan, each of us took two points. We jumped back on the bus getting ready to face Red Deer at home on Sunday. After regulation time, the score board showed 0-0 so the game went to over time. We beat Red Deer in OT (1-0).

The following three weeks were our last weeks before playoffs. I must say time flies by. The first week of February, we took on Olds, where we beat them 5-1 and 10-3, and got our second sweep of the second half of the season. After a successful weekend and a couple of practices we took on SAIT. We took an advantage of our home ice and beat SAIT 7-1. We then headed to Calgary on Saturday. It was a long trip, but it was worth it. We ended up winning 4-0, and got another sweep exactly second in a row.

After a quick turn around of practices and getting ready for our last two games of the regular season, we headed to Sylvan Lake to take on Red Deer again. These last two games were very important for us to win, as they would have guaranteed us a first place finish. Unfortunately, we ended up losing both games. One of them in a shootout, which was a bit of a crucial loss for us.

As my good friend always says, “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Its not about winning its about having fun, getting better and making memories." Now we are getting ready for playoffs, where we willl face Red Deer.  

Wish us luck! 


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