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Introducing Youth Hockey Player, Presley Brohm


My name is Presley Brohm and I am a goaltender from Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada. I’ve been playing hockey since I was three and have been playing as a goalie ever since I was six. I am playing for Thunder Bay Bantam A Queens this season and moving away from home at 13 and living with my Aunt and two cousins in Thunder Bay for about eight and a half months.

For summer training my coach got the whole team to do the 10,000 puck challenge and three days of workouts a week, and being a goalie I had to catch 10,000 balls as well.

When my parents told me I might be allowed to actually tryout for Queens I was so excited because I’ve been wanting to play Queens ever since I was in grade five. My parents have been letting me go to Queens tryouts for the skate since I was in first year peewee but didn’t let me actually try out until I was in first year bantam because my parents felt I was too young.

The reason I got into hockey was because my parents thought it would be something good to do with my extra time when I was younger but I don’t think they ever thought that I would start doing hockey competitively. When I was six, I started playing goal for fun just for as many games and practices as I could. My dad was my coach when I was little and he always says how before every game I would beg and ask him to let me be the goalie. Usually he would say that everyone who wants to be goalie can be and that I needed to lets others have a try.

I love playing hockey because it helps me relax and that’s probably what I love most about the sport. I also love the traveling and the compete level I play in. I’m so excited to be playing for the Bantam A Queens this year because it’s going to be a whole new experience and I’ll be living away from home.

That’s all for my blog today I post around the fourth of every month if you want to check it out!

– Presley Brohm

Youth Hockey

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