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Patience is a virtue, but not one of mine. My parents came to watch me play for the first time this past Friday evening and my mom recorded a little of my skating/playing. 

I say skating, because that was what I was doing for the most part, even if it wasn’t very good.

They came for my 8:30 game, orange against green, but I had already played in the 7:00 pm game, as pink against gold. I did fairly decent that game, got in the way of a few shots from the defensive points and even fell down on a play to take a girl out and got hit with the puck in the fingers (jammed, and already better). 

I almost got a goal, too, but I feel like I say that every week. It’s genuine, however I’ve yet to actually acrew a goal. One of the girls on pink shot the puck to the net and since I was there I got the rebound and another chance after that. Nothing went in though… and I almost feel like I’m just waiting for the right moment for my goal. 

It’s been great though… in the last two weeks I’ve played on the yellow team against the green (we won and I got my first ever assist), I’ve played on orange (twice and we won both times), I played on pink and lost by a substantial amount, and I played on orange again and lost by one goal in overtime.

But back to patience… I basically have none. Watching the videos my mom sent me of my game, even when I felt like I was flying on the ice I was really only barely skating. I’ve seen this watching other girls on the ice but truthfully? I didn’t include myself as a part of them. I want to be so good already that I’m not really capable of waiting the due amount of time to get myself there.

I am trying, working out two-a-days before the vacation I’m currently on, obscuring my diet to the point of (once again in my life) suffering sugar withdrawal. I’m doing all I can conceivably think of to get myself to the point of skating rings around the competition. 

I’ve been attending clinics roughy once a week and attempting to play in at least one game. I’m trying, but I’m not sure my hardest is enough.

In the videos my mom sent (found on my blog at I’m pretty much barely gliding along… but I felt like I was skating so well… its dejecting, just a little bit, to think you’re doing well and improving only to see that you’re barely past your first day skating with a hand on a wall.

Once I get home from this (much needed) vacation, it’s back into the gym and the rink. I’m not about to let this be one more goal I only come close to. 


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