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Hockey Season Approaches



My club team, the Massachusetts Spitfires, recently had our first tournament of the 2017-2018 season! We went 2-1-1, which is good for never having played together before. It was fun to play with practically a new team as we only had 7 returning players. 


It was also fun to see all of my Williston teammates for the first time since school got out. It was good to see all of the people who aren’t on my club team, and is funny because most people want summer to last forever but I feel like our team wants to be back at school with each other for another season. That is something that is good about our team: we want to be with each other and always enjoy each other’s company. We always have the other’s back and we are a team no matter if we are in season or out. 

I am excited to get back to school for preseason for field hockey. That turns into the regular season for field hockey, and that means we have our club team every Sunday. It won’t be long until it is hockey season!

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