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When I first began playing ice hockey a few years ago, I purchased used hockey pants to keep the equipment costs down. The pants were men’s size small Bauer hockey pants and they were extremely bulky and had limited padding. Being someone who has had a previous tailbone injury, I wanted pants that were going to offer a good amount of padding, but unfortunately these Bauer pants were in my price range and the best I could find at the time.

Once I discovered the Stark Hockey Made for Girls pants  I was very curious. After doing my research, Stark Hockey has created a “No Compromise” campaign where they are dedicated to providing equipment that is designed to fit the female body. I did not need much convincing after that, but the price of only $94.00 USD, I was sold.

NC7- No Compromise MFG Hockey Pant


-Excellent fit

-Lightweight (even with added padding, these pants are super light and breezy)

-Inner Belt (for me this was a game changer; the inner belt helped secure the pants around my hips better)

-Excellent protection (took a few slapshots to the front and back part of pants, did not feel a thing!)




NC7- No Compromise MFG Hockey Glove


Before purchasing these gloves, I was using intermediate sized Winwell hockey gloves. Those fit fine, but I was wanting a pair of the MFG gloves to match my pants. Again, Stark Hockey did not disappoint! These gloves fit my small hands perfectly and I noticed a tighter fit than my previous pair.

Plus, I couldn’t beat the price! Only $63.25 USD when compared to other brands such as Bauer and CCM, it’s a significant price drop.



-Tight Fit

-Execellent Mobility

-Hold up well over time (8 months of use & counting)

– Affordable price




If you are in the market for a new pair of pants and gloves, I would certainly check out Stark Hockey’s MFG line of products. With their excellent quality and affordable pricing that is made specifically for the female body, you just can’t get any better.



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