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Equality Poem | Nathalie Stapley


What do i stand for?
All of us always asked
I didn’t know it before
I searched for the door I didn’t have
And later the key
walked to me

Sports are a way to get the bricks off your back
You play because you love it
But there’s something it lacks
And it’s not athletes that aren’t fit
It’s neither the commit

The women in sport
Don’t get enough support
The men work hard and get money
Yet the women’s cases look less sunny
And it seems like they are the last resort

They don’t get paid
And it’s not fair
They both skate on a blade
And work hard every day
But the NHL for women seems rare

Equality in women’s and men’s sport needs to change
So that female athletes getting paid more can be arranged
Because the men’s pay check is a million times higher
Even if women have more desire

Give the money, give the money, give the money
Female sport deserves more than what they are given
The change in women’s sport might be slow like honey
But I hope one day they will give in
And see that it’s wrong to not pay women but pay men

Poem by Nathalie Stapley

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