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Episode 10: Significant change requires taking action


Episode 10: Significant change requires taking action

In episode 10 of the Women’s Hockey Life podcast, Jaclyn chats with new friend, Janine Charron, former collegiate hockey player for University of New Hampshire, owner of Inside Out Studios, breast cancer survivor and overall female badass who conquers any challenge she is faced with.

Janine is no stranger to challenges, despite everything she has dealt with in her personal life, she is grateful for having a strong sports background that has helped her develop the type of mindset to help her push through her struggles. Her love of sports came from her family and her own talent in the sport of ringette, before she was thrown into ice hockey. Lucky for her, her strong skating abilities allowed her to pick up the game quickly.

She discusses the impact sports can have on one’s life and how it can prepare individual’s to face real world issues. From her experiences, she has developed the T.I.G.E.R method, a mindset tool to help make significant change in life that requires introspection and action towards that change.

Do not miss out on this insightful and incredible conversation, listen below:

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