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The hockey world is full of girls in pursuit of their dream. Talented, passionate, motivated. They eat, live, breathe and sleep hockey.

A few days ago, I was talking with a friend about the game of hockey. We spoke of the impact it had in our lives.

She told me she was sad because she was forced to give it up. Her dreams to continue playing in America disappeared at the same time as her smile. She was facing the worst thing ever : failure.

When we are ambitious and we love hockey, there are two solutions: to play in a club hoping to move up, or, as many have done, sit contemplating our dreams.

My friend had opted for the former. She started at the age of 9, which is late for a hockey player and, proving her talent, was selected for the national team at the age of 15 .

That was only the beginning.

When she was 17, she moved to Winchester MA , U.S. , far away from her family, her friends, her life. Named player of the month in November, and fifth best goaltender in the league, she returned a few months ago after a year of honorable performance. She waited for universities answers. 

They never came.

Imagine, you dream of something. You are close to fulfill it but at the last moment, everything disappears. For her, it was a shock.

For me, she lacked success but also the key factor that is luck. "Luck is when preparation meets opportunity," said Socrates … I am sure she was prepared for all the difficulties she would encounter, but the opportunity wasn’t there, unfortunately.

In my heart, I know that , had he been in her place, a boy would never have put up with half of what she has gone through .

Women’s sport is often criticized. Yet in various sports such as softball or soccer, they illustrate beautifully. It all started with girls like Hayley Wickenheiser, Manon Rhéaume who have distinguished each in their time.

That was only the beginning.

This reinforces my belief that women have something we men do not have .They struggle every day to have their rights recognized. In society, in sports, everywhere. They are more determined and combative.

Thanks to Shannon Szabados and the stars of the NWHL, women are more likely to be in the spotlight in the hockey world.

Lately I’ve heard, through the corridors of noises, that women leagues would be added to the series of EA Sports NHL. The NWHL is also about to conclude several advertising agreements and a change to the visibility of women’s hockey is on the way. Would an evolution be on its way ?

I, in any case, have a certainty.

This is just the beginning.

Thomas Woloch

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