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After what seemed like a short summer, filled with summer work out plans, jobs, internships and vacations the Ohio State Women’s Ice Hockey Team is back at as of last week! 

Excitement fills the locker room as we welcome all of the freshman as well as our new coaches, Jenny Potter and Joey Olson, to Buckeyenation. Everyone was anxious to begin testing to prove what they had been working so hard for all summer. Coach Potter wasted no time and scheduled our running fitness test on the first day of classes at the Horse Shoe (the football stadium). The rest of the week was packed with classes, more fitness testing, team meetings and captain’s practices. 

Preseason has officially begun and we are on a very compact schedule.  Everyday we are balancing classes, ice sessions, weight lifting, stick handling and running. It has definitely been a challenge getting back into the swing of things but come October we will be prepared for our first series against Lindenwood. 

Over the summer the whole team read A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the Court by John Wooden.  As Coach Wooden said, 

“ Set your compass in a chosen direction and then focus your attention and efforts completely on the journey of preparation. A successful journey is your destination and where your real accomplishment lies.”

Go Bucks! 


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