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Amber Bowman Sets the Gold Standard Once Again


While Amber Bowman enjoyed a stellar career on the ice with the Ohio State Buckeyes (NCAA) and multiple franchises (Brampton, Burlington and Toronto) at the CWHL level, her status as a two-sport star only adds to her growing legacy. Of note, her off-ice heroics have provided her with a world championship status that truly makes her one of Canada’s most underrated female athletic superstars.

For the fourth consecutive year, Bowman has earned gold at the 2014 Firefighter World Combat Championships. Held in Phoenix, Arizona, she helped rewrite the record books while helping establish a new personal best.

Beginning with the Female Individual World Championship Race, Bowman would enjoy a first-place finishing while logging a personal best of 2:14. The momentum would continue in the Co-Ed Tandems World Championship, where Bowman set a new world record of 1:21.

Competing with Carla King Penman, who would set a new world record by finishing first among females over 40; the result was a Female Tandem World Championship. This was complemented by setting another world record with a sparkling time of 1:21.

Of note, Jalene Cartwright who had the chance to run a relay with Penman and Bowman could not contain her enthusiasm on social media about the privilege of competing with them. As a side note, the event was broadcast on Canadian sports channel TSN, providing some well deserved recognition.

The element that truly solidifies Bowman’s status as a world champion is her remarkable commitment to training. For an individual as accomplished as Bowman, the rigors of training go far beyond the physical. The biggest battle may be against time, as she travels to various facilities in the Greater Toronto Area in order to undertake her training commitments.

A role model on and off the ice, Bowman shares the empowering two-sport star status with a former teammate. Sommer West, a teammate of Bowman with the Burlington Barracudas, would also serve as Bowman’s head coach during the 2012-13 Toronto Furies season. While carving a hockey career that spanned close to two decades, West also competed in softball at the Summer Games.  

Although the element of competitive firefighting are akin to women’s hockey in the fact that they are somewhat underappreciatred and underrecognized events, both worthy of a bigger stage. Athletes like Bowman certainly make both worth watching.

With each first-place finish and world championships, Bowman’s career continues to reach new heights. Endearing others with a winning smile, tremendous athletic ability and an insatiable desire to succeed, Bowman has become more than just the gold standard in competitive firefighting; she has truly earned the status of legend.

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