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  1. Coaches don’t always have enough time to help you with your individual skill development. Coaches are hired to win games and championships. They spend a majority of their time focusing on systems, strategies, recruiting, and creating a winning culture, identity and attitude. It’s on YOU, the player, to find time before/after practice and in the off-season to work on your individual skills.
  2. They want smart players. We’re not just talking about in the classroom, we also mean on the ice. You need to know the game, systems and be willing to learn, adapt, and grow. Have a growth mindset and the possibilities are endless.
  3. They want players who are intrinsically motivated. Their job isn’t to “babysit” you. They shouldn’t have to dangle a carrot in front of your face for you to excel in the classroom or on the ice. You, the player, have to be willing to utilize all of the resources their program/school offers because it’s fun, challenging and leaves you feeling satisfied. Not because you “have to do it” in order to get in the lineup.
  4. Coaches make decisions for the good of the team. You may have been recruited because you are an exceptionally talented player, but at the end of the day, you still have to execute. If you’re not performing, you may get benched or even sat for a game. They want players who can put the team above themselves in small and big ways. You may not always agree with a decision a coach is making, but you have to trust and respect that those decisions will result in a winning culture.
  5. They want players who know their role. Every player on a team plays a significant role in the teams success. Yes, even the 4th line grinders and 3rd string goalies. The secret to a successful team lies in every player accepting and excelling in their role.
  6. You represent the team and college wherever you go. How you carry yourself in the classroom, on road trips, around campus and yes, even on those random nights you can “go out”. You are a direct reflection of your team’s program. Act accordingly or don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
  7. Their livelihood depends on your performance. If a team underperforms, the coach is at risk of being fired. This is their job. It is how they feed and support their families. When you aren’t committed, prepared, or if you underperform, they are at risk of losing it all.  Remember that the recruiting game never ends. There is ALWAYS someone out there willing to take your spot. You are replaceable.

My team and I at WHL Academy help high school aged players navigate the college recruiting process every single day. We have all been recruited student-athletes and have coached at the collegiate level. If you’re looking for guidance, book a free call with me.

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