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Living in a society where we girls and women face struggles harsher than others, we need to be most proud of the person we are. Whenever you step on the ice and are being made fun of for the one thing you cannot change in your life, remember to love who you are and appreciate your identity. Take those feelings or anger onto the ice and beat them, to prove the power women have. Every game we play, we play for each other. That’s why being a part of this community is amazing.

Here’s a poem I wrote about this:

Under the Mask

Under the mask, 

is a person; a human being.


Under the mask, 

is someone who hears everything, 

remembers it,

gets upset,

and uses it against you. 


Under the mask,

is a goalie that is…





and strong,

making the goalie as good as the rest.


Under the mask,

is someone who plays for who they are,

and who they want to be.


Under the mask, 

is a beautiful,





and friendly,

individual beneath the surface.


Under the mask,

is a goalie that… 

walks into every rink,

knowing they’re hated,

made fun of, 

and underrated,

only because of their identity.


When they step on the ice…

The person under the mask,

doesn’t matter.


Under the mask,

is someone that is just as talented.


Under the mask, 

is someone who beat you; fair and square,

but you will never admit they are good.


Only because … 

Under the mask,

is a girl, 


She beat you. 




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