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268 eligible players have declared for the draft on September 18

TORONTO, ON (September 13, 2023) – The Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL) today announced the 268 eligible players from across the women’s hockey world that have declared for the inaugural PWHL Draft presented by Canadian Tire. PWHL teams will call the names of 90 eligible players across the 15-round selection process on Monday, September 18, beginning at 1:00 p.m. ET at CBC’s headquarters in downtown Toronto, and streamed live in partnership with CBC Sports.

“Declaring for the draft was the first step for players to become part of this historic PWHL season and the depth of talent in our player pool is evident with stars from various collegiate, professional, and international programs,” said Jayna Hefford, PWHL Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations. “All six PWHL teams are going to be able to select many of the best players in the world that will make for an exciting draft and inaugural season.”

All 268 eligible players officially declared for the draft prior to the Sept. 3 deadline. The group consists of 146 forwards, 78 defenders, and 44 goaltenders representing a total of 17 different countries. 237 of the players competed during the 2022-23 season including 98 players in the PHF, 63 players with the PWHPA, and 49 players at the NCAA and U SPORTS level. A Player Evaluation Advisory Committee has assessed the eligible player pool as an additional resource for General Managers.

The PWHL Draft follows the league’s initial 10-day free agency period where 18 players (three per team) were signed to Standard Player Agreements (SPAs) between Sept. 1-10. Those foundational players include Boston’s Aerin Frankel (G), Megan Keller (D), and Hilary Knight (F); Minnesota’s Kendall Coyne Schofield (F), Kelly Pannek (F), and Lee Stecklein (D); Montreal’s Ann-Renée Desbiens (G), Marie-Philip Poulin (F), and Laura Stacey (F); New York’s Alex Carpenter (F), Abby Roque (F), and Micah Zandee-Hart (D); Ottawa’s Emily Clark (F), Brianne Jenner (F), and Emerance Maschmeyer (G); and Toronto’s Renata Fast (D), Sarah Nurse (F), and Blayre Turnbull (F). Collectively, the decorated group of Canadian and United States National Women’s Team players have won 38 Olympic medals and 117 medals at the IIHF Women’s World Championship.

Minnesota holds the first overall pick in the draft, followed by Toronto, Boston, New York, Ottawa, and Montreal. Audiences will be able to watch the full Draft live on the free CBC Gem streaming service,, the CBC Sports app for iOS and Android devices,, and the Radio-Canada info app. International audiences can stream on CBC Sports’ and Radio-Canada’s YouTube pages.


Players are grouped by position and listed alphabetically by last name. The player’s nationality is in brackets, followed by their birth year, most recent collegiate program, and their 2022-23 playing experience. DNP refers to ‘did not play’ last season.


Adzija, Lexi (CAN) 2000, Quinnipiac University, NCAA
Albers, Jonna (USA) 1994, University of New Hampshire, PHF
Anderson, Kaycie (USA) 1991, Norwich University, PHF
Aubin, Ariane (CAN) 1999, University of Ottawa, DNP
Aurard, Chloe (FRA) 1999, Northeastern University, NCAA
Babstock, Kelly (CAN/USA) 1992, Quinnipiac University, PHF
Bach, Victoria (CAN) 1996, Boston University, PWHPA
Bettez, Ann-Sophie (CAN) 1987, McGill University, PHF
Birch, Siobhan (CAN) 1997, Saint Mary’s University, DNP
Boreen, Abigail (USA) 2000, University of Minnesota, NCAA
Brand, McKenna (USA) 1996, Northeastern University, PHF
Brandt, Hannah (USA) 1993, University of Minnesota, PWHPA
Brodt, Sydney (USA) 1998, University of Minnesota Duluth, PHF
Bryant, Brooke (USA) 2000, Minnesota State University, NCAA
Bujold, Sarah (CAN) 1996, St. Francis Xavier University, PHF
Bunton, Hanna (CAN) 1995, Cornell University, PWHPA
Butorac, Claire (USA) 1999, Minnesota State University, NCAA
Cava, Michela (CAN) 1994, University of Minnesota Duluth, PHF
Cogan, Sam (CAN) 1997, University of Wisconsin, PWHPA
Colizza, Chrissy (CAN) 1999, McGill University, U SPORTS
Compher, Jesse (USA) 1999, University of Wisconsin, NCAA
Connors, Maggie (CAN) 2000, Princeton University, NCAA
Cornine, Kendall (USA) 1997, Rochester Institute of Technology, PHF
Costa, Jennifer (USA) 1999, University of Maine, SDHL
Coyne, Bailey (USA) 1996, Lindenwood University, DNP
Crossman, Demi (USA) 1994, University of Minnesota Duluth, PWHPA
Dalton, Claire (CAN) 2000, Yale University, NCAA
Daoust, Melodie (CAN) 1992, McGill University, PWHPA
Darkangelo, Shiann (USA) 1993, Quinnipiac University, PHF
David, Gabrielle (CAN) 1999, Clarkson University, NCAA
Davis, Samantha, (USA) 1997, Boston University, PHF
DeGeorge, Clair (USA) 1999, Ohio State University, PWHPA
Della Rovere, Kristin (CAN) 2000, Harvard University, NCAA
Demers, Rosalie (CAN) 2000, University of Montreal, U SPORTS
Dempsey, Jillian (USA) 1991, Harvard University, PHF
De Sousa, Deziray (CAN) 1998, Boston University, PHF
Dobson, Summer-Rae (CAN) 1999, University of Connecticut, PHF
Donovan, Samantha (USA) 1996, Brown University, PWHPA
Dostaler, Laura (CAN) 1991, N/A, PWHPA
Downie-Landry, Jade (CAN) 1995, McGill University, PHF
Dubois, Catherine (CAN) 1995, University of Montreal, PHF
Eldridge, Jessie (CAN) 1997, Colgate University, PWHPA
Fanning, Kate (USA) 1998, Lake Forest College, DNP
Field, Madison (CAN) 1997, Ohio State University, PWHPA
Fjordbak Hansen, Liv (DEN) 1998, N/A, Denmark 2
Fleming, Brittyn (USA) 1999, Minnesota State University, PHF
Fox, Danielle (CAN) 2000, Toronto Metropolitan University, U SPORTS
Gabel, Loren (CAN) 1997, Clarkson University, PHF
Ganser, Kennedy (CAN) 1997, University of Alberta, PHF
Garat-Gasparics, Fanni (HUN) 1994, N/A, PHF
Gélinas, Maude (CAN) 1992, University of Montreal, PHF
Giguère, Elizabeth (CAN) 1997, University of Minnesota Duluth, PHF
Gilmore, Becca (USA) 1998, Harvard University, PHF
Girard, Taylor (USA) 1998, Quinnipiac University, PHF
Goldberg, Chelsey (USA) 1993, Northeastern University, DNP
Graham, Grace (CAN) 1998, Cornell University, PWHPA
Grant-Mentis, Mikyla (CAN) 1998, Merrimack College, PHF
Gribbons, Kelly (CAN) 1995, University of Guelph, PWHPA
Gruschow, Alexa (USA) 1994, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, PWHPA
Heise, Taylor (USA) 2000, University of Minnesota, NCAA
Hlinka, Janka (SVK/USA) 1995, Middlebury College, PHF
Howard, Brittany (CAN) 1995, Robert Morris University, PHF
Hughes, Gabbie (USA) 1999, University of Minnesota Duluth, NCAA
Hutchison, Cailey (USA) 1997, University of Maine, DNP
Isbell, Samantha (CAN) 1998, Mercyhurst University, PHF
Jardin, Laura (CAN) 2000, McGill University, PHF
Jones, Jessica (CAN) 1990, Mercyhurst University, PWHPA
Kepler, Claudia (USA) 1995, University of Wisconsin, PHF
Klienbach, Grace (USA) 1994, Neumann University, PHF
Klimášová-Boneberg, Iveta (SVK) 1998, N/A, PHF
Knott, Mary Margaret (CAN) 1998, Mercyhurst University, PHF
Kosta, Nicole (CAN) 1993, Quinnipiac University, PWHPA
Křížová, Denisa (CZE) 1994, Northeastern University, PHF
Kunin, Sophia (USA) 1997, University of Wisconsin, PWHPA
Labelle, Alexandra (CAN) 1996, University of Montreal, PHF
Larson, Bailey (USA) 1996, Colgate University, PWHPA
Lavigne, Tracy-Ann (CAN) 1992, Concordia University, DNP
Lefort, Sarah (CAN) 1994, Boston University, PHF
Legault, Lilly (CAN) 2006, N/A, U18 AA
Leslie, Rebecca (CAN) 1996, Boston University, PWHPA
Levis, Paetyn (USA) 1999, Ohio State University, NCAA
Ljungblom, Lina (SWE) 2001, N/A, SDHL
Lonergan, Caitrin (USA) 1997, Clarkson University, PHF
Lum, Leah (CAN/CHN) 1996, University of Connecticut, PHF
Lunny, Hayley (USA) 1999, Providence College, PHF
Maltais, Emma (CAN) 1999, Ohio State University, NCAA
Marchment, Kennedy (CAN) 1996, St. Lawrence University, PHF
Marvin, Gigi (USA) 1987, University of Minnesota, DNP
Maud, Courtney (CAN) 1999, Merrimack College, PHF
Miller, Hannah (CAN/CHN) 1996, St. Lawrence University, ZhHL
Mills, Alena (CZE) 1990, Brown University, SDHL
Mogren, Ronja (SWE) 2001, N/A, PHF
Moy, Keely (SUI/USA) 1998, Harvard University, DNP
Mrázová, Katerina (CZE) 1992, University of Minnesota Duluth, PHF
Müller, Alina (SUI) 1998, Northeastern University, NCAA
Murphy, Maureen (USA) 1999, Northeastern University, NCAA
Nichols, Madison (USA) 2000, Nazareth University, PHF
Nilsson, Matilda (FIN) 1997, N/A, SDHL
Norcross, Savannah (USA) 2000, University of Minnesota, NCAA
Nuutinen, Emma (FIN) 1996, Mercyhurst University, PHF
O’Neill Kristin (CAN) 1998, Cornell University, PWHPA
Packer, Madison (USA) 1991, University of Wisconsin, PHF
Palisi, Darby (USA) 1999, Castleton University, NCAA
Pelkey, Amanda (USA) 1993, University of Vermont, PHF
Perreault, Lilane (USA) 2000, Mercyhurst University, NCAA
Peterson, Caroline (USA) 1999, Providence College, NCAA
Poznikoff, Alexandra (CAN) 1997, University of Alberta, PWHPA
Prevost, Carolyne (CAN) 1990, University of Wisconsin, PWHPA
Quennec, Kaleigh (CAN/SUI) 1998, University of Montreal, U SPORTS
Rankin, Katie (CAN) 1999, Mcgill University, DNP
Rattray, Jamie Lee (CAN) 1992, Clarkson University, PWHPA
Reyes, Justine (USA) 1997, St. Lawrence University, PHF
Saulnier, Jill (CAN) 1992, Cornell University, PWHPA
Scamurra, Hayley (USA) 1994, Northeastern University, PWHPA
Schafzahl, Theresa (AUT) 2000, University of Vermont, NCAA
Schepers, Elizabeth (USA) 1999, Ohio State University, PHF
Schneider, Malia (CAN) 1998, Colgate University, PWHPA
Shiga, Akane (JPN) 2001, N/A, JPN WNT
Shirley, Sophie (CAN) 1999, University of Wisconsin, NCAA
Skaggs, Tatum (USA) 1998, Ohio State University, PWHPA
Skaja, Catie (USA) 1999, University of Minnesota, NCAA
Skarupa, Haley (USA) 1994, Boston College, PWHPA
Snodgrass, Natalie (USA) 1998, University of Connecticut, PHF
Spooner, Natalie (CAN) 1990, Ohio State University, PWHPA
Stacey, Brooke (CAN) 1996, University of Maine, PHF
Stewart, Shannon (CAN) 1993, SUNY Plattsburgh, PWHPA
Sullivan, Tori (USA) 1996, Northeastern University, PHF
Tapani, Susanna (FIN) 1993, N/A, DNP
Tarnowski, Natasha (CAN) 1998, Boston University, PWHPA
Templeman, Lexi (CAN) 1999, Ohio State University, PHF
Thunstrom, Allison (USA) 1988, Boston College, PHF
Tougas, Kaitlyn (CAN) 1994, Bemidji State University, ZhHL
Turner, Courtney (USA) 1994, Union College, DNP
Unrau, Rebecca (CAN) 1993, University of British Columbia, DNP
Vanišová, Tereza (CZE) 1996, University of Maine, PHF  
Vasko, Alexa (CAN) 1999, Mercyhurst University, PWHPA
Veillette, Audrey-Anne (CAN) 2000, University of Montreal, U SPORTS
Vespa, Kayla (CAN) 1997, Mercyhurst University, PWHPA
Wabick, Morgan (CAN) 1999, University of Connecticut, SDHL
Watts, Daryl (CAN) 1999, University of Wisconsin, PHF  
Wenczkowski, Taylor (USA) 1997, University of New Hampshire, PHF
Wielenga, Savine (NED) 1989, N/A, SDHL
Willoughby, Kaitlin (CAN) 1995, University of Saskatchewan, PWHPA
Wohlfeiler, Alyssa (USA) 1989 USA, Northeastern University, PHF
Woods, Emma (CAN) 1995, Quinnipiac University, PHF
Zumwinkle, Grace (USA) 1999, University of Minnesota, NCAA


Ambrose, Erin (CAN) 1994, Clarkson University, PWHPA
Anderson, Amalie (DEN) 1999, University of Maine, NCAA
Bailey, Katherine (CAN) 1996, University of Guelph, DNP
Baker, Taylor (CAN/HUN) 1997, Rochester Institute of Technology, PHF
Bell, Ashton (CAN) 1999, University of Minnesota Duluth, NCAA
Bizal, Madison (USA) 2000, Ohio State University, NCAA
Bohlken, Leah (CAN) 1997, University of Saskatchewan, PWHPA
Boulier, Amanda (USA) 1993, St. Lawrence University, PHF
Bourbonnais, Jaime (CAN) 1998, Cornell University, PWHPA
Boyd, Zoe (CAN) 2000, Quinnipiac University, NCAA
Brown, Emily (USA) 1998, University of Minnesota, PWHPA
Buchbinder, Natalie (USA) 1999, University of Wisconsin, NCAA
Buckles, Emma (CAN) 1999, Harvard University, PWHPA
Calof, Shelby (CAN) 2000, Syracuse University, DNP
Channell, Mellissa (CAN) 1994, University of Wisconsin, PWHPA
Cook, Abby (CAN) 1998, Boston University, SWHL
Curlett, Emily (USA) 1999, Ohio State University, PWHPA
Dajia, Katerina (CAN) 1999, Franklin Pierce University, DNP
Daoust, Catherine (CAN) 1995, University of Minnesota Duluth, PHF
Davison, Taylor (CAN) 1998, York University, PHF
Deaudelin, Christine (CAN) 1997, University of Ottawa, PHF
Digirolamo, Jessica (CAN) 1999, Syracuse University, PWHPA
Dunne, Jincy (USA) 1997, Ohio State University, PWHPA
Eady, Megan (CAN) 1993, University of Alberta, PWHPA
Fällman, Johanna (SWE) 1990, University of North Dakota, SDHL
Flaherty, Maggie (USA) 2000, University of Minnesota Duluth, NCAA
Flanagan, Kali (USA) 1995, Boston College, PHF
Fratkin, Kaleigh (CAN) 1992, Boston University, PHF
Gonsalves, Chloe (CAN) 1999, University of Connecticut, PHF
Greco, Emma (CAN) 1995, Quinnipiac University, PHF
Harmon, Savannah (USA) 1995, Clarkson University, PWHPA
Healey, Jessica (CAN) 1996, University of Minnesota Duluth, PHF
Herman, Cassidy (CAN) 1997, University of Ottawa, DNP
Hinds, Mariah (CAN) 1999, Toronto Metropolitan University, DFEL
Hobson, Brooke (CAN) 1999, Northeastern University, SDHL
Howarth, Kaitlin (CAN) 1998, Saint Mary’s University, PHF
Howran, Victoria (CAN) 1998, University of New Hampshire, PHF
Jacobson, Corie (CAN) 1995, Clarkson University, DNP
Jaques, Sophie (CAN) 2000, Ohio State University, NCAA
Kaiyongana, Natalie (CAN), N/A, DNP
Keenan, Emma (CAN) 1997, Clarkson University, PHF
Keopple, Mariah (USA) 2000, Princeton University, NCAA
Knee, Sarah (CAN) 1996, Cornell University, Naisten Liiga
Knowles, Olivia (CAN) 1999, University of Minnesota, PHF
Kondas, Jessica (CAN) 2000, Minnesota State University, SDHL
Kremer, Dominique (USA) 1997, Merrimack College, PHF
Laganière, Brigitte (CAN) 1996, Concordia University, PHF
Langei, Makayla (USA) 1998, Bemidji State University, PWHPA
Larocque, Jocelyne (CAN) 1988, University of Minnesota Duluth, PWHPA
Lásková, Dominika (CZE) 1996, Merrimack College, PHF
MacInnis, Lauren (CAN/USA) 1998, Northeastern University, EWHL
Marshall, Patti (USA) 1998, University of Minnesota, PHF
Matteucci, Daniella (CAN) 1993, Clarkson University, PWHPA
Morin, Sidney (USA) 1995, University of Minnesota Duluth, PHF
Munroe, Allison (CAN) 1997, Syracuse University, PHF
Newton, Savannah (CAN) 1996, Boston University, DNP
Nightengale, Nikki (USA) 1998, Augsburg University, PWHPA
Olivier, Carley (CAN) 1999, University of Waterloo, U SPORTS
Poulin-Labelle, Maude (CAN) 1999, Northeastern University, NCAA
Quirion, Catherine (CAN) 1995, Colgate University, PWHPA
Ribeirinha-Braga, Lillian (USA) 1994, Boston University, PWHPA
Richards, Kristen (CAN) 1992, Robert Morris University, PWHPA
Rickwood, Emily (CAN) 2000, University of New Hampshire, NCAA
Rougeau, Lauriane (CAN) 1990, Cornell University, PWHPA
Shelton, Ella (CAN) 1998, Clarkson University, PWHPA
Shiga, Aoi (JPN) 1999, N/A, JPN WNT
Tabin, Kati (CAN) 1997, Quinnipiac University, PHF
Tejralová, Aneta (CZE) 1996, N/A, PHF
Thompson, Claire (CAN) 1998, Princeton University, PWHPA
Tinker, Saroya (CAN) 1998, Yale University, PHF
Tuominen, Minttu (FIN) 1990, N/A, PHF
Varano, Amie (ITA/USA) 1994, Sacred Heart University, EWHL
Wabick, Taylor (CAN) 1999, University of Connecticut, SDHL
Wilkinson, Kiana (CAN) 1997, Saint Mary’s University, ZhHL
Willoughby, Kyra (USA) 1999, Harvard University, NCAA
Woloschuk, Alexis (CAN) 1994, Boston University, PHF
Woods, Taylor (CAN) 1994, Cornell University, PHF
Zafuto, Olivia (USA) 1997, Colgate University, PHF


Abstreiter, Sandra (GER) 1998, Providence College, NCAA
Bench, Lauren (USA) 1997, University of Minnesota, SDHL
Boissonnault, Marlène (CAN) 1997, Cornell University, PWHPA
Browning, Lindsay (USA) 1999, Cornell University, PWHPA
Burke, Chantal (USA) 1999, Minnesota State University, PHF
Campbell, Kristen (CAN) 1997, University of Wisconsin, PWHPA
Cavallini, Alex (USA) 1992, University of Wisconsin, DNP
Chuli, Elaine (CAN) 1994, University of Connecticut, PHF
Deguire, Tricia (CAN) 1997, McGill University, PHF
Deschênes, Marie-Soleil (CAN) 1994, University of PEI, PHF
DeSmet, Arielle (USA) 2000, Syracuse University, NCAA
Fujimagari, Mariah (CAN) 1994, University of Maine, SDHL
Hensley, Nicole (USA) 1994, Lindenwood University, PWHPA
Hofmann, Tera (CAN) 1998, Yale University, PHF
Howe, Erica (CAN) 1992, Clarkson University, PWHPA
Hsu, Tzu-Ting (TWN) 1995, Brock University, U SPORTS
Jackson, Carly (CAN) 1997, University of Maine, PHF
Klompmaker, Leah (CAN) 1997, N/A, WOSHL
Kronish, Cami (USA) 2000, University of Wisconsin, NCAA
Lanteigne, Terra (CAN) 1998, Rochester Institute of Technology, DNP
Leveille, Amanda (CAN) 1994, University of Minnesota, PHF
, Maude (CAN) 1994, University of Ottawa, DNP
Levy, Abigail (USA) 2000, Boston College, NCAA
Mäkelä, Amanda (CAN) 1993, Mercyhurst University, PWHPA
McQuigge, Rachel (CAN) 1998, Princeton University, PHF
Morse, Allie (USA) 1994, Providence College, DNP
Neumann, Kelsey (USA) 1991, SUNY-Plattsburgh, DNP
Philbert, Alice (CAN) 1996, Concordia University, U SPORTS
Post, Lindsey (CAN) 1994, University of Alberta, SDHL
Räisänen, Meeri (FIN) 1989, Robert Morris University, PHF
Räty, Noora (FIN) 1989, University of Minnesota, Naisten Liiga
Ridgewell, Samantha (CAN) 1996, Merrimack College, PHF
Rooney, Maddie (USA) 1997, University of Minnesota Duluth, PWHPA
Sauvé, Kassidy (CAN) 1996, Clarkson University, PHF
Schertzer, Katie (CAN) 1988, University of British Columbia, DNP
Schroeder, Corinne (CAN) 1999, Quinnipiac University, PHF
Scobee, Sydney (USA) 1998, University of Minnesota, PWHPA
Seeley, Rachel (CAN) 1998, Toronto Metropolitan University, DNP
Škodová, Blanka (CZE) 1997, University of Minnesota Duluth, NCAA
Söderberg, Emma (SWE) 1998, University of Minnesota Duluth, NCAA
Strack, Jessica (USA) 1998, Franklin Pierce University, DNP
Varga, Sarah (USA) 2001, Concordia University Wisconsin, DNP
Walters, Jorie (USA) 1993, University of Wisconsin, DNP
Zeglen, Amanda (CAN) 1999, Clarkson University, DNP

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