Brand Ambassador Agreement

Are you ready to be a Women’s Hockey Life Brand Ambassador?

Are you up for the task? We expect our brand ambassadors to:

  • Post at least once a month about Women’s Hockey Life on social media
    • We won’t tell you what to say or post because we want it to be authentically you and what’s going to connect best with your audience. All we ask is that you make at least one post per month about women’s hockey in some way, tag us in it, and use #WHLAmbassador in the caption
    • Examples of posts you can make are: you out in the hockey community connecting with other girls and women in hockey, you playing hockey, your thoughts on women’s hockey, and anything else you want to post about related to women’s hockey
    • We’ll share these posts from time to time so that you get exposure as well
  • Interact with WHL on social
    • Social media is our number one way to connect with our audience, so we ask that you throw a like, RT, or comment at us from time to time
  • Answer interview questions and share it on social media
    • We want to bring attention to our amazing team of brand ambassadors, so we’ll send you interview questions for you to answer for an article highlighting you! We ask that you give it a RT or a mention in your Instagram Stories for everyone to see
  • Participate in the WHL Ambassador Facebook Group
    • Once you make the commitment to the team, we’ll add you to a secret Facebook Group with our other brand ambassadors. We ask that you use this as a space to share your ideas about spreading the word about Women’s Hockey Life, sharing your photos and experiences, and connecting with your fellow teammates
  • Be up for the task of representing WHL at events
    • We know you’re busy, but we ask that if you’re available and we need an ambassador in your area, you’ll be up for the task! We want to spread Women’s Hockey Life at events around the world, but need your help! When an event comes up that we want to attend, we’ll post in the Facebook Group to see if anyone can attend and from there we’ll send you the deets
  • Give honest feedback
    • You represent our audience better than anyone else, so want to know what you think! From time to time, we’ll ask you about possible ideas or future plans for Women’s Hockey Life and ask that you give us feedback to see how we can make it better
  • Spread the word
    • We picked you because we think your values align with ours! We want a team of people spreading the word about Women’s Hockey Life, our mission, and our services. We don’t expect you to shout it from the rooftops, but we ask that you tell people about it who may be in need of what we can offer—whether they’re looking for advice and you point them to our website or someone wants to play college hockey and you mention our WHL Academy branch to them, we want you to represent what we stand for
  • Represent Women’s Hockey Life with class
    • Remember: you’re representing our brand. We are trusting you to spread our brand message and hope that you’ll do it in a positive way. If you’re wearing our WHLGear or talking to people about WHL, please ensure you’re doing it respectfully

Can you handle this? If so, check the box below agreeing to our terms and conditions and we’ll send you the next step. If you’re not—that’s all good!

Talk soon,

The Women’s Hockey Life team

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