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AMBASSADOR SPOTLIGHT: | Olivia Galbraith | Upland, CA, USA



Tell us about yourself!

I am a 7th grade student in Upland, California . My hockey story is I was a figure skater for a couple years but after watching some of the hockey practices at the rink, I asked my dad if I could try hockey. After some hockey 101 practice I tried out and made the 12U-B team called the Ontario Moose to be a defensive player. My team only had eight players, and no goalie. One night at practice I decided to step up and take on the goalie position, that year even though we had lost every game that season it was a great developmental year for me. During the off season is when I was introduced to Coach Lock, my goalie coach and the Empire team goalie coach. For my second year I tried out for another Ontario team called Empire. I made the 12U-BB team with my partner goalie Ethan. That year was the year that tore me down the most, but I had still overcome the challenge of losing and some unsupportive teammates besides my good friend Kat. That season we had only won one of our games and it was our last one of the season. The firtst two years of my hockey carrer had made me stronger personally, physically, and mentally. During that spring I joined 2 other goalies for a girls only team and the spring select Pasadena Angry Leafs. I was asked by both teams to tryout for the next season. My third year, and my first year at bantam. I was asked to come tryout for the Pasadena Maple Leafs, and I made the 14U-A team as the #1 goalie with my partner Dylan. This season has been my best season yet and has shown me that all of the hard work I have put in pays off.

What made you want to be a WHL Brand Ambassador?

What made me want to be a WHL brand ambassador is the idea of inspiring a young woman like me to either give hockey a shot or want to become a goalie.

What are you most looking forward to as a #WHLAMBASSADOR?

I am most looking forward to showing girls in hockey that they can be powerful, and that they are doing this for a good reason. To have some fun and empower themselves.
What’s something not a lot of people know about you?
Something that not a lot of people may know about me is that that I am stronger than most boys. My secret talent is singing and a of my hobbies are making bracelets, sleeping and painting.

If you could sit down and have dinner with one female hockey player, who would it be and why?

I would want to have dinner with Molly Schaus, Molly Schaus is a former USA women’s hockey goalie who I truly look up to, even though I have met Molly before I would still love to have a talk with her about what it was like playing pro and what advice she could share with me to help me reach my goals of Team USA & the PWHL.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given in hockey or in life?

The best advice I have ever gotten is from my goalie coach, Lock Corley. He once told me, “you will never reach your dream if you don’t reach for the stars.”

What’s your dream for women’s hockey?

My dream in women’s hockey is to play all the way through collage and to the PWHL Minnesota team, but you should always have a plan B so mine is to play for the national USA team and the PWHL.




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