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  2. ZSC Lions and HC Lugano Rivalry Heats Up

ZSC Lions and HC Lugano Rivalry Heats Up


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Well since I last checked in, some pretty amazing stuff has happened. In one short month I made my way to Italy to visit Milan and Venice, and then over to Munich to see what Oktoberfest had to offer, and then back to Zurich to check out the local Oktoberfest there as well….oh…and I played some hockey! Although my bank account is currently suffering, I have made some unforgettable memories in this past month that I simply cannot express well enough in this blog.

First off, if you can ever make your way over to Italy, I highly suggest it. The landscape was absolutely beautiful, and the timeless grace of the cities are fascinating because it’s not something we really have in our cities at home which are always changing. We wandered the streets of Venice for hours, stopping every so often to hydrate with some vino and regain strength with gelato. I can honestly say that pizza and pasta will never be the same for me now that I have had the opportunity to try them there…Domino’s just isn’t going to cut it for me anymore, I have become a pizza snob. When we got home, we took a week to recover from all that carbo loading and then made our way over to Munich. The five hour bus ride was completely worth it. One of our imports is from Austria and her grandmother was nice enough to lend us her drindls so we looked very official. As we made our way through the crazy carnival that is Oktoberfest, we got stopped several times to take pictures with people because we looked so authentic. Of course the moment was ruined for these tourists as soon as we opened our mouths and spoke English, but at least we looked the part. I can’t really tell you too much about Oktoberfest because you really wouldn’t believe me if I told you–you just have to go for yourself!

In terms of hockey our team has been doing really well. Unfortunately we had our first loss of the season to Lugano, but we get a chance for redemption this weekend at our home rink, so the team is very excited to exact a little revenge on our big rivals. It was really fun and fast paced last time so I am looking forward to another well matched game. This time around I will have the advantage of knowing a little more German during the game so I will actually understand what the ref is telling me at the faceoff. A few weeks ago when we played a game at home, I received a penalty and as I skated toward the box with the ref, he rapidly spoke to me in German. I proudly told him the new phrase I had learned  "I don’t speak German" and was kind of surprised when he kept speaking to me in German. I repeated myself, and he in turn kept speaking to me in German. By the time I got to the box I was a little frustrated one because I got a penalty and two because he wouldn’t stop speaking to me in a different language. In the locker room I told my teammate about it, and she couldn’t stop laughing at me…apparently I messed up a word (ok, all the words) and what I actually said to him was "no, you speak German" so he kept repeating himself and I kept telling him to speak German. These are the kind of situations I frequently find myself in, but hopefully as time goes on they will happen a little less often. My time here and my experiences with learning German have been a never ending lesson in humility. You have to learn to laugh at yourself all the time or you will walk around not saying anything for fear of making an ass out of yourself. People here are great about English here though, and I actually find that I haven’t learned as much German as I would like because they are always so good about speaking in English to me and translating everything. 

Thats all I have to report for now, but with the game versus Lugano and the semi finals of the Euro Cup, along with some other trips planned, I am sure to have my hands full until I check in again!

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